Sunday, December 15, 2013

A moment on my soapbox

Okay, I am going there....if you are looking for a uplifting nice post this will not be it.  You might want to stop reading now. But, I am mad!  I am so angry!  I know I said in the last update that I would not "go there" but I am.  I can not believe my beautiful, creative, smart, loving, civic minded, helpful, non judgemental daughter is laying in a  bed in intesive care because of a drunk driver. Are you kidding me? Someone has to be kidding me!  Her whole life is changing because of you? Someone who decided to drink alcohol and then drive?  Your making her nine year old sister ask me, her mother, about every two hours if we know what parts of her brain won't work yet.  If we know what she won't remember, if she will remember us, her family who would do anything for her, who love her more than anything.  Someone has to be kidding me....but they are not.  Because of you we will pick ourselves up and pick up the pieces and help our sweet Morgan through this horrific trial. We will do it because we love her and know that the girl who could concour the world will still concour the world. We will forgive because living a bitter, mean, angry life is not how i choose to live.  My family does not want to live everyday with hatred.  But, any of you who do drink please please please do not drive.  It is not worth it. It's simply not worth it.  My daughter or anyone does not deserve to suffer the consequences of your actions.


  1. Oh Marcie I am so sorry. I just heard yesterday and didn't get in touch with you. Just know our love and prayers attend you and you can vent any time you need to. You are right and I am so sorry anyone least of all Morgan is living this nightmare. I will be anxious to hear how you and yours and Morgan are doing. I just keep thinking of what you told me in the grocery store.

  2. Marcie well said. You deserve to feel this way. I never had a lot of direct interaction with Morgan and yet she honestly was my hero. She is truly an inspiration. A stunning young woman. I believe she will continue to be. Lot's of love to you. You are an amazing Momma Bear.


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