Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Dub Thee Bonita/Ben/Alfred the Bird

It is 8:23 in the morning.  I am packing my purse for yet another 14 hour shift at work when I heard a loud thud against my window. "What in the world is that?" I look over and meet this fella. 
Yes, I did poke it with one of the best pens in the world.  It didn't even move! I'm sure this poor little bird is in shock, hitting your head against things will do that to you. Trust me, I know from experience.  I figure a glass window to a little bird's head is pretty equal to a nice, hard road to a 19-year-old girl's head.  I feel ya little dude. 

He/she hasn't moved at all and it's been a half hour since the incident. I don't know what do to! Nursing little birds is not in my repertoire of random knowledge I have. 

But, I can name him/her! Meet Bonita (if it's a girl) or Ben (if it's a boy). I can only think of so many names that start with the letter "B."  Lets face it, Alfred the Bird does sound pretty good though. . . Thoughts? What should I name my new little friend? 

I finally got up the nerve to do this: 
He/She is a very nice little bird. Avery ran away as soon as I opened my window. His/Her feathers are very soft. 

I keep you posted on the little bird. I hope he/she recovers before I'm home from work at midnight. 


Friday, June 27, 2014

Sister Missionary Feature, Sister Angelica Creager

Sister Angelica Creager
Canada Halifax Mission, July 30th

Did the age change effect you?

Yes.  Because it changed how I will be going about college and it definitely changed my dating life quite a bit. ;]

Did you always want to serve a mission? -why/why not?
No actually.  When I was younger, I had a hard time with the thought of leaving my family for so long and so I didn't put a lot of thought into it.  It wasn't until I was older in Seminary that I decided I would work towards serving a mission.  (Although at that time the age limit was still 21 for sisters.) 

Where do/did you want to be called? Why?
I wanted to serve somewhere "not too foreign" to me.  True story.   I think I would have a harder time trying to adjust to mission life as well as figuring out a new culture and language.  I didn't want to learn a new language.  I'm weird.  =P  I already speak Japanese and English and I just didn't think I could cram another language and culture into my brain.  (I was super lucky to be called somewhere speaking English.)

Share a cool missionary story or experience.
Missionaries serving in my ward just recently converted this great family and our ward LOVES having them.  The mother of the family is now my visiting teacher so I get the chance to visit with her and get to know her. =]  It's so great to hear their testimonies and feel how strong their spirit is!!  It's great seeing them at church and adding their family to our ward.  =]

Why are you serving?
Because ever since I was sitting in my Seminary class Sophomore year listening to my teacher talk about his service in Canada, I have wanted to serve a mission.  I felt the spirit so much and I felt the strong desire to be able to share with other like he was able to.  And ever since then I just have had so many things and little signs encouraging me towards missionary service.  I am serving because I love this gospel and it makes my life wonderful.  I want to share that.   Also because my savior suffered for my sins and died for can I not try my best to give something back in return?  I am serving because I love Christ. 

Any advice for other girls deciding if they want to serve?
Don't expect a giant for sure answer right away.  It takes a lot of time.  I just kept taking small step after small step.  And with each one I would get a green light to keep moving forward in the direction I was going in.  I kept following the small promptings of how wonderful the spirit felt.  I continued going to mission prep, and I heard talks about missions all over, and had the "missionary" theme all around me.  Finally after taking small steps I prayed hard and knew for sure that, it would be hard, but this is what I should do.

Any other thoughts?
I just am so excited and ready!  I know that I can never be fully prepared and will never have all of the answers, but I do know that I can rise to the occasion.  The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.  Always have faith.  Don't let Satan make you feel like you can't do it.  Listen to the spirit to guide you. 

Don't ever give up on what feels right.  =] 

Dear Morgan,

Back on December 19, 2013 while we were in Tahiti with Morgan I wrote this letter.  I did not send it to anyone nor did I seem a need to post it on her blog.  I just wrote it and left it in my draft box.  The last couple of days have been pretty difficult.  I was laying in bed and remembered this letter I wrote six months ago and now I feel a need to post it.  At that time we were wanting her to live, her physical injuries were what we were focused on.  Today she is going great physically but is having a hard time in other ways.  In January a day or two once she arrived at IMC there was a day that was terrible.  I remember sitting on the window seat in her room while the physical therapist came in to work with her.  I think at that time they only were trying to get her to stand.  Morgan was agitated and upset and they were not going to give up on her at all.  I was sitting there and just broke down crying.  It was terrible to see your child like that and I prayed that she would be comforted and that she would know how much support and love she has.  Today I pray for the same thing, that she knows how much she is loved and that she can love herself.  Things are so much better then six months ago and six months from now they will be that much better.  The Attitude of Gratitude motto is what I have been trying to keep in my thoughts.  But anyway here is my letter from December 19th.  

When I was pregnant and found out we were having a little girl, we were so excited.  For whatever reason I wanted her to have a strong name.  A beautiful name, but a strong one.  So Morgan it is.  Beautiful and strong.  When she was about two we were in Idaho for one of my brothers basketball games.  Morgan was climbing up and down the bleachers non stop.  A cute couple were watching her and they asked "what is her name?" I said "Morgan" and he said "wow, that's a strong name". I said thank you and yes it is:). Morgan has always been determined.  She walked at 8 months old...I am not exaggerating.  She spoke early also.  She loved learning and would absorb knowledge and was always teaching me things. And she still does.  When she was just about to start kindergarten we went in for her evaluation with the teacher.  We were sitting outside waiting our turn and the little girl before us was running everywhere and was kind of out of control and Morgan leans over to me and says "she going to be a tough one isn't she mom."  I laughed.  Morgan loved learning.  Her cute kindergarten teacher "Mrs. Bodily" saw that. She had her doing reports on anything in front of the class with posters all the time.  That just started her off on a fantastic start! Morgan is a writer.  In third grade she started her own news paper.  It was the "kids news". She interviewed neighbors, made her own crossword puzzles and would pass it out about every couple of weeks.  She is a self motivated person!  When she was in fifth grade she had a change of teachers after Christmas.  The teacher that replaced the first one kind of had a tough situation to go in to.  Morgan before could move ahead and work on what she needed to but the new teacher wanted everyone to always be doing the same thing.  Well, Morgan received her first and last refocus.  It's so funny now and really it was then too.  What she did was when the teacher was teaching Math, Morgan had already done the assignment and knew the work so she decided to read a book.  Well, the refocus came and she had to have us sign it.  I guess she had to write why she received the refocus on a paper for us to read because she wrote it in pig Latin.  Well, of course Troy knows how to read pig Latin.  We didn't get mad at her...sorry teacher...we did tell her she needed to respect her teacher and when she said it was time for math she had to do math.  Even though she knew it and was bored out of her mind.  In middle school/high school Morgan always always stuck up for the under dog.  I think sometimes it was hard on her to be like that but she knew how she needed to treat others and did not have much tolerance for those who bullied.  She was not afraid to let people know about it either.  I couldn't be prouder.  We once were at one of those counselor  meetings where you plan out your life in 8th grade..ha ha..and the counselor asked what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Morgan replied "I want to be an editor of a magazine". Troy and I looked at each other and said " I thought you wanted to be a dentist".  She said "No,  you want me to be a dentist, I want to be an editor of a magazine".  We knew then it was time to let her fly.   Morgan also excelled in debate in high school.  She made many friends and I have no idea how many awards she won!  Many, I believe over 100. She also was on the team from "We the People" who took first at nationals!! Amazing.  Morgan also had amazing young women leaders.  There weren't many if any girls her age in Young Women.  She had a few leaders that hold a soft place in her heart and also my heart.  They put her in charge and let her lead.  I will always appreciate those ladies.  Morgan always felt she could turn to them and she loves them.  After high school Morg went to college at Snow College.  It was paid for and she wanted to move out and be her independent self.  She did it and when conference came that fall and they announced the change of age for missionaries she texted me and said "are you watching conference right NOW" we had just turned it on and missed the announcement right when Morgan text.  So I said to Troy "did they just change the age if missionaries" and then the text came from Morgan telling us that it had and she said "I AM GOING, right NOW" I cried and she cried.  Of course we said pray and fast to know if that's what you need to be doing.  But she knew she was going.  When she got her call it was awesome.  Tahiti was not in any one's thoughts but we quickly googled and Tahiti immediately held a place in our hearts.  When we found out it was a duel language and that she would learn French and Tahitian, not once did we think she would not be able to do it.  In fact we knew she would and would do it well.  I would say "Tahiti has no idea how lucky they are to have Morgan as a missionary, she will change and effect many!" She did and still does.  These people love her.  They all say she is "strong" the same word I wanted for her when she was born.  She loves it here.  Loves them all!! That's my Morg.  And we love her!  We are counting on "strong" right not.  But we know with all the prayers and fasting in her behalf that The Lord will bless her and is with her.  We will be patient and wait but will always be here for our Beautiful Morgan.  Thank you to you all!! Their are no words to express the gratitude we have for you. "Thank You"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throw it WAY Back Thursday

It is Thursday.

Over the past few months I have been trying to acclimate to the world I was away from for nearly eight months. In those eight months I learned...

How to "Snap" people with Snapchat. And be the subject of them... 

Instagram exploded. I'm still in the dark there. My last picture I took (before I decided I need to break it back out) was of me in Hawaii.  That happened in April 2013.  Ya'll should follow me, to give me motivation to actually post.  Which would give me motivation to make my life interesting enough that people would enjoy my super "artistic" pictures I take of day-to-day life.

FOLLOW ME: @themolicious

What the word "selfie" means.  Seriously? They had to invent a word to describe taking a picture of yourself? And heaven forbid nobody could just leave it alone. Lorde fo' sho' needed to write that song.
so. . . I took a selfie or five million:
 How did I celebrate knowing my blood clot was gone? I bought my favorite drink. . . NAKED!

I LOVED volunteering at Summit Elementary! They insisted on a selfie.
I have since cleaned my camera lens. That fuzzy spot is now gone. 

I also was introduced to how amazing The Fault in Our Stars is.  That is my new favorite book. It's reached the point where I have forgotten how many times I have read this wonderful blue book. 
*Insert Picture of the Best Book Ever Here* 

Oh! And Spotify! I was a die-hard Groovesharker.  Luckily I was introduced to the lovely Spotify who have an actual app you can use on your phone. They win.  

Well, if I'm missing out on anything else that went viral during May 2013 until now, hit me up and let me know!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Sister Missionary Feature- Sister Nicole Schmidt

Sister Nicole Schmidt
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo East Mission

Did the age change effect me? Absolutely! A mission was always an option if I "wasn't married by 21" but it was never a priority. When the age change was announced I was driving to get breakfast for my family for the Saturday morning session, and listening to the radio. Immediately, everything in my whole life changed. I felt so peaceful and knew that a mission was what Heavenly Father wanted me to do! Ever since that day, I have been so excited to serve! :)

Like I said before, a mission was always a cool idea or something that could happen in my future, but never a concrete goal for me. My older sister served so I always knew that it was a great option if I wanted to when I was 21. She was my inspiration, so that always made a mission seem like a good possible option to me! 
I wanted to go to England or Greece. England because my sister served there and it would be cool to keep the tradition going. Greece because I have a lot of ancestors from there! But, I am so happy about my mission call and now it's the only place I want to go! :) 
After the age change, I immediately began taking missionary prep classes, although I knew it would be awhile before I would be able to go. In one of my classes we talked about being fearless about sharing the Book of Mormon. I remembered a friend I had made from a marine biology camp in San Diego as we talked about this. My high school friends and I decided to drive down to California for our senior trip, and I decided we should invite her to church with us and I would give her a Book of Mormon. She ended up coming, through much difficulties hedging up the way, and she loved it! I guess I got lucky that my first "investigator" was a golden one, but she joined the church one month later on my 18th birthday. I was able to fly down and watch it and speak at her baptism. It was a beautiful, sweet experience, that truly grew the fire of my desire to serve a mission. There is so much happiness is bringing someone the gospel and watching it change their lives!! Since then i've been a lot more brave talking about the church to my non-member family, and although they don't accept it, it's really helped with my courage of sharing the gospel. 
I am serving because I know that Heavenly Father is our loving Heavenly Father and we are his children. This may seem like a weird answer... but I give it because this knowledge alone has given me so much peace and joy in my life, and all I want is to give others the opportunity to know that for themselves so they to can feel what I do. I am serving because there are too many people who need peace and help in their lives, that only the church and gospel can give to them. There are a lot of reasons I am serving, but the underlying reason is that Heavenly Father wants me to, and I want to bring others the joy from the gospel. :) 
My advice to you sisters who are considering serving is to find out for yourself if a mission is right for you. If you feel it is right, go forward with faith and don't turn back in fear or feelings of inadequacy. As soon as you decide to do this, Satan will do everything he can to stop you. Don't let him! Don't let feelings of inadequacy stop you from bringing others the gospel. It is a hard process waiting for the call and then waiting to go, but if you hold on to that confirmation that you received and trust in Heavenly Father, Satan can't stop you :) Have hope, faith, and courage! Also, on the day you open your call I strongly recommend going and doing baptisms for the dead and praying for that confirmation when you open your call that night. It brings so much peace to your day! [Oh, and getting the call is literally worth every second of waiting. It's an amazing, amazing experience]
Remember you are called to be a proclaimer of the gospel and not a tourist! Jesus visiting every land on Earth when he came. You are called to represent Him. If He got a mission call, he would be happy WHEREEVER it is! So if you want to represent Him remember that He would teach and serve any people at any place, and be so excited for that :)
And never base your success around other people's decisions. Whether you convince one person to be baptized, or 100, it doesn't matter. If you are staying obedient, listening to the spirit, and doing everything you can to love the people, you are considered a successful missionary! My goal isn't to baptize everyone I teach... It is to let every person I teach know that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them, and a Savior who can make them feel whole. :)

A note from Mo,
Don't forget to follow her adventures at


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Sister Missionary Feature-Sister Sidney Snowden

Sidney Snowden called to serve in the
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma spanish speaking mission  
depart to Mexico MTC July 23 When I heard the age change, I didn't think much about the girls age change as much as the boys, all my friends were about to turn 18, and I was (at the time) NOT ever going on a mission.

I never wanted to serve a mission before the age change, I had built up a great dance career, I was auditioning for professional companies and had some offers, my life was set, I would dance with a company and travel the world performing professionally!

When I had turned in my papers everyone asked me where I wanted to go, I always thought it was a silly question because I knew I wasn't going on a mission to be a tourist, I am going so I can do some hard hard work! So I never really cared because I knew it would be the place that would test, and give me the most growth!

I never wanted to serve a mission, it was not in my stars. That's what I thought, until I met this really good friend of mine, he was preparing to serve a mission and would constantly be talking about how the gospel completely changed his life. You could see how happy he was with it you could see how much he lit up when he talked about it, he was never afraid to share spiritual experiences. It completely changes the person he used to be.

 I loved that about him, but he would ask me a lot if I would ever go. I always gave him a solid fast "Nope". He would ask me why, and even though I thought I had some reasons I could never come up with one to tell him.

After a heart breaking night I had, that next morning the only thought was "'missionaries" I went to breakfast and a RM sister came up to me and said " I feel like I need to talk to you about my mission." I received a phone call from my aunt, she also wanted to tell me about her mission. I went to a close friend and said a prayer with him, I had received my  anwnser that I really needed to go,

that hardest part was accepting that. From the moment I absolutely accepted it there was NO Doubt that it is what I need to do. I have never been happier and I have never been more tempted by lucifer. It's been a hard, challenging life changing journey finding if I need to serve or not, it has also been the most humbling, spiritual growing and learning experience I have ever had!

I testify this gospel changes hearts, it changes lives and it effects everyone. It is the truth and it received from the lords true prophets and I know I need to share the truth to the world.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Sister Missionary Feature- Sister Sarah Whiting

Sister Sarah Whiting
Edmonton, Canada Mission

Did the age change effect you?
The age change is AMAZING!! When I was getting closer to graduating high school, I knew I had to make a decision. I always wanted to serve a mission but the high school senior part of me was really excited to go to BYU and start my degree and be independent. I felt like having missions be at age 21 for girls was a big reason I wouldn't go because by then I would be ready to start a career. So I was struggling with that. When the age was changed, I was soooo excited! I spent a lot more time at the temple hoping to know serving a mission was the right decision for me. Fortunately, I got the answer I wanted and I put my papers in a few months later.
Did you always want to serve a mission? -why/why not?
Yes yes yes! I have wanted to serve a mission since before I can even remember! Serving a mission is a huge emphasis in my family as I have 3 brothers and I guess all the times my dad was telling them how important it is to serve a mission, I felt he was also addressing me. At first, when I was little, I think I just wanted to go because it meant I got to go somewhere around the world. But as my own testimony developed, I realized that there is nothing I love more than this gospel. It makes me so happy! And if it brings me so much joy, why not spend 18 months sharing that joy with others?
Where do/did you want to be called? Why?
Before I had prayed about serving a mission, I wanted to go to France or french speaking Canada. I LOVE that culture. But once I prayed and knew a mission was right for me, I felt so strongly that I would love to go anywhere in the world. Any language. Any culture. Every mission is the best mission and no matter where I go, there will be amazing people for me to teach. Now I have a call to the Edmonton Canada mission, English speaking and I absolutely know it's the perfect place for me! #CanadaHolla!
Share a cool missionary story or experience.
I have a coworker right now who used to be a member. She even got married to an RM in the temple! But she left the church because she didn't feel peace in the temple like everyone told her she would. She thought it was a little weird. Over the last year she and I have grown very close and it made me more and more sad that someone so special to me had to feel so negatively towards the church and the temple. When I went through the temple for my own endowments, I had the opportunity to talk to her afterwards about how I felt. I bore my testimony to her that I knew it was the house of the Lord and I felt closer to heaven there than I've felt anywhere. It helped her to feel more open minded about the gospel and it helped me really gain a testimony of the temple and the power of the spirit!
Why are you serving?
I'm serving a mission because I have seen in my life how amazing the gospel is. It has blessed me so much. I've also seen how miserable people are without the gospel. I have too many close friends who struggle with everything life has to offer because they don't understand who they are or who their Heavenly Father is. I am serving because I want everyone to know they are children of God and I want everyone to experience the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I just have so much joy and I gotta share it! #hastenthework
Any advice for other girls deciding if they want to serve?
I have a few pieces of advice. 
1. This is a gospel of JOY ladies!! Show yo beautiful smiles all around the town and don't be afraid to laugh a little! Service is straigh up FUN yo!!
2. DO NOT SERVE A MISSION JUST BECAUSE IT'S THE POPULAR THING TO DO. Also do not serve a mission just to travel the world. Do not serve a mission just because you're parents or your bf wants you to. PRAY PRAY PRAY. Pray about it and only decide to serve when you have received a confirmation from the Lord that a mission is what he has planned for you. 
3. Do NOT SERVE A MISSION JUST TO PASS THE TIME WHILE YOUR BF IS OUT ON A MISSION. I  have a missionary BF. I will admit that. And it's amazing and great. I love him to death. And yes. We will get back from our missions around the same time. But that is absolutely NOT the reason I'm serving. I am serving because I want to serve. Because the Lord wants me to serve. And because the people of Canada need me. If you're only in it to pass the time, you will not be able to effectively serve. Your heart will be focused on your BF not on the people. 
4. Tell EVERYONE about your mission. When they find out you're dedicating 18 months to service, they'll totally wanna hear more! I've had so many experiences from that!
Any other thoughts?
Even if you don't want to serve a mission, I would recommend preparing for one as if you're going to go. I have grown so close to the Lord and I've learned so much. And really, we're all member missionaries. So it's worth the effort! Love you all! Good luck!!
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