Sunday, July 29, 2012

T-Minus 20 Days.

 These were my two favorite picture from the shoot.  McKenzie is such a dork. Kortnie is so beautiful.  I love the picture, it looks like it belongs in an Anthro catalogue, not to toot my own horn or anything. . . 

Kortnie took my outfit picture in the creepy house.  She's not too shabby. And my skirt is ultra super bright purple, the lighting just makes it look bluer than it actually is.

I leave in 20 days.  Ah.  My rent is due on Wednesday.  Ah.  I'm utterly terrified, but I'm not scared about the actual living in a new place part or not knowing anyone besides Anna, Audrey and Max down there.  I have two fears.

A)  My closet isn't going to be big enough.  That is a MAJOR issues.  I can't leave all of my clothing babies behind.  They have to go with me.  Especially my ugly sweater and fur vest.  My favorite sweater in the whole wide world is mustard yellow, made of mohair, and from J. Crew.  Many of my friends don't see what a beaut it is though. . .  But really.  Closet space=ISSUES.

B)  This is a more legitimate fear I think. Once upon a time I really struggled through high school.  I went through friends like I go through Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  They didn't last long.  FINALLY January of my senior year I really started to have some close friends.  Now I don't want to leave them.  Mehbleck.  Honestly there's only a handful of people I want to stay in my life, and I'm terrified that I'm going to lose my best friends.

Top Left:  Unit 4.  Well, the ones that survived each other the entire year.  I love those two so stinking much.  There were days we wanted to literally throw each other down a flight of stairs and just stand at the top and watch the blood slowly ooze out of their head, but we didn't.  We spent hours gossiping and laughing, and occasionally working.

Top Right:  Jordin.  We hated each other for years.  Literally.  In AP Gov when we were splitting up into units we could put 3 people we would like to work with and 3 we did not want to work with.  She put me on her "Do Not Work" list.  We still got put with each other anyways.  Even though she was the one I was most likely to push down the stairs, I'm so thankful she is my friend.  We've been through a lot, we tell each other everything, and I don't know when I'm going to see her next because she won't be back from D.C. before I move out.

Top Middle:  Madi!  She's ridiculous, crazy, and fun.  I'm just going to miss her, but I feel like she's the one who's going to want to see me the most.  Probably on Wednesdays so I can get free pie at Village Inn with her.  We were never EXTREMELY close, but I don't think that's going to stop us.

Middle Underneath Madi:  Bennion.  I might miss this kid.  Mostly I just really like how my hair looks in this picture. No, I'll miss him.  No matter how much crap we give each other, or how dumb either of us act we will always be friends.  He's the one person who consistently was there for me ever since Freshman year.  Sometimes I hate him. But that doesn't mean I won't miss him.

Bottom:  Eric.  This is the dork who smears ice cream on my face and throws me in rivers and listens to all my problems and makes me wake up at 6:30 am (AM!!) because we both work so much and needed to catch up and brings me peanut butter and chocolate when I'm upset and listens to me complain about boys and college and working and being bored and tired and he never complains that I complain too much (even though I totally do). He's the reason why my senior year didn't completely suck. And he's going to potentially throw me down some stairs because I put a picture of him on here, but isn't it so cute!!  (Hawt, I know.)  We were in New York City, this is when we started to become friends.  Tender!  I think we're going to be okay though.  Once I find a good thing, I don't let go of it too easily.

There are a few other people I'm really, really going to miss.  But, sadly, I don't have any pictures of us together and it's no good to talk about how much you're going to miss someone if you can't envision how cute we are together.

But, everything works out for a reason, and the people that are supposed to stay in my life will.  No matter what.

**Yeah, a lot of these pictures were taken the same week in Washington D.C.  and sometimes I spell things the European way.  Just sayin'**

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Robin is Attractive.

Fun fact of the day:  There are over one thousand leprosy colonies in India.

Even more fun fact:  I will soon be there to join them.


Dumb mosquitoes.

I'm allergic to mosquito bites and when we went night hiking I got 17 bites.  17!!  Now my legs are all swollen and covered in nasty red splotches, and I promise I'm not even itching them, even though it is oh, so tempting.

So now I wear pants and long skirts.  Here's outfit #1 for the day.

I totally scored at the Gap with this dress.  It would have normally cost me 80 bucks, but who in their rights mind would spend eighty dollars on a non-formal dress?!  I got it for 18, don't worry.  I'm cool like that. 

Obviously we went to the taco bus.  Again.  It was delicious.  Again.

Then we went and saw The Dark Knight Rises.  OH MY YES!! It was so good.  I can't get over it though, and Robin is suuuuuper attractive.  Just sayin'.

But, on the way home we stopped at Pink's to get a delectable Raspberry/Horchata snow cone with cream.  And on the way home Chandler refused to sip it because he "Doesn't like snow cones"  and so it spilled all over my dress.  

I'm mad.

Now I have to go to work. *Sigh* it's just another day. . . 

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Funeral Going Cowgirl

Apparently I look like a cowgirl going to a funeral.  Bah.  If that's so, cowgirls look awesome when they go to funerals.  I like it.

This is one of those ooober rare days where I get to wear real clothes!  *GASP*  Usually I'm working all day and am in my icky Malt Shop shirt or just a t-shirt and shorts.  I can be fashionable when I have time.  

I'm debating about when I should buy my new version of Photoshop Elements.  I don't want to buy it just to have an even better version come out.  *sigh*  Technology is too good sometimes.  

In other news I just got an email saying my Honors Atomic Chemistry class will be taught.  Can I survive a schedule with Honors English, Communications, Atomic Chemistry, Spanish and a regular Human Bio class?  

I think yes. The Chem class only runs until Thanksgiving break, and I get to go down to New Mexico.   But then I'd get rid of my classical piano class.  I'm not too choked up about it though.  I'm so cool. 

Am I suicidal?  Maybe my outfit is telling me something. 

*UPDATE*  I am officially registered for Honors English, Honors Communications, Honors Atomic Chemistry, Human Biology, and Spanish.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yes We Are.

A simple reminder gracing a desk at Columbia University in New York City

Pioneer Day "Weekend"

*DISCLAIMER:  I'm in a very, very odd mood.  I think it has something to do with sleeping until 11:30 yesterday and then taking a 4 hour nap in the same day.  Then laying around watching 12 episodes of Pretty Little Liars since 2 am last night.  This is your warning. *

So.  There were a ton of things that have happened since Barbie said goodnight to 'yall.  (Isn't she the most adorable thing you have ever seen?!)

A) I FINALLY got my roommate list.  I'm stoked!  Two of my roommates are from Japan, and that's where my dad served his mission.  I'll finally be able to use the phrases I've learned! (Which mainly consist of "Where are my keys" and "Pass the beer.")

B) Josh survived an entire day with my family.  I have no clue how he did that.  We drove down to good 'ol Kamas, Utah (where my parents grew up) and went to my cabin, hit the Alpine Slide in Park City, and went to a rodeo.  McKenzie entertained us with a few self-written monologues depicting our future lives. Chandler is apparently going to work at a gas station, Josh will be working in a hospital brutally mis-diagnosing patients, I'm the Congresswoman who loves to say "Congress" and for my personal favorite I'm just going to type out the whole script.

Kenzie:  "MMMM, money, money, money"  *Pulls fan of money to her nose*
               *Blows nose violently into stack of money, drops on the ground, and giggles*

She was on one.

Then there was a parade.
 My favorite boots
*Sigh*  not the best picture. . .
The Bull Wars wasn't as exciting.  There weren't any brutal injuries *sigh*  but the clown did have some pretty good jokes.  This is my personal favorite: (it's okay, I'm a democrat and I think it's hilarious)

Clown:  "So did you hear about Obama's new value menu?  You choose what ever you want and the buy behind you pays for it" *Insert a large amount of laughter here*

So unattractive. . . 

Then we drove home and guess what we ate for dinner. . .


It was still open at 11:45.  They were my heroes. Ah.  I love them.

*Out of sheer respect for Josh I did not take any pictures of him.  He can be grateful*

C) I went night golfing!!  Tonight.  Kobe is living with us for the week, and having your backyard be a golf course has it's  benefits.
My stash of collected golf balls

 Chandler was trying to be taller than Kobe, so he fell and got blurry.  *Fail*
I may have. . . um. . . injured my ankle.

NIght golfing with bare footsies.  That's how you do it!
All in all it was a fantastic weekend.  Now on to work!! Woot. . .

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ode to Being a Nerd

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who was a nerd.  

One day, while she was sitting in sacrament meeting she noticed she couldn't read the little numbers to tell her which hymn to sing.  She had to go to the big, scary eye doctor and he told her, "Well Morgan, it looks like you're going to need some glasses."  The little girl was ecstatic, she loved glasses, they made people look super smart. 

With her new-found smartness she was able to do what she loved most, read!  These are all the books she's read in the past week. (They were chillin' on her nightstand.)
But, the glasses and reading weren't enough to make her a true nerd.  She needed something more.  That is when the little girl, and her brother, Chandler, began their obsession with Pokemon.  They occasionally still enjoy a good battle, but her Mewtwo obliberates anything he tries to throw at her.  Success!  (She even has a good 'ol Lisa Frank sticker on her Game Boy Advanced.  Good times, good times.)

Always be yourself.   Let your nerdy shine on!!  Sometimes people can be ballerinas and fashion bloggers, longboard, play pokemon, debate, and compete in beauty pageants. Sometimes being different is the best thing you can be.  Love who you are, and you'll attract people who love it when you can just be. . . you. 

Nerds for Life!
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