Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Land of Sun and Surf

I really wish our ward parties would look like this. . . Because when we have ward parties on the beach "Soeur Mo" (yeah, that's what everyone calls me) gets to play "Follow Mo" with all the little kids.  Follow Soeur Mo looks a bit like this:

We did the beach dance together.  I had way too much fun.  Granted I couldn't go surfing, but that didn't stop the members from trying really hard to get me into the water.  BUT! I did follow the mission rule and I only went in up to my knees.
I also took a much needed nap on the beach.  I got a bit a sun. One day I won't be completely pasty white.
This week is McCall's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAZY CHICKEN! It is also Soeur Anzi's birthday so I made a speculoos cheesecake.  We, in the United States, miss out on some of the greatest food ever.  I love speculoos.  It's a bit like gingerbread, but a million times better.  I used the cookies to make a cheesecake!
So, this is where I almost died.  As I was making the cheesecake I asked my dear companion to go turn on the oven so it can warm up.  She went and "turned" it on.  I asked if is she lit it with a match.  Nope.  I went over, turned off the gas to let it air out so I could actually light it and went back to stirring my cheesecake.

I told Soeur Anzi to turn on the gas a bit and light a match.  I went to demonstrate how to light the oven and BOOM.  Yes. . . We had a slight explosion in our house.  I no longer have hair on my right forearm/hand.  Soeur Anzi started screaming and I sat there laughing.  I probably should not have been laughing, we almost dies, but it was so funny.  That's always my first reaction, to laugh.  Of course this would happen to me.  It was funny.
Do you like my shades?  I've been wearing them 24/7 because guess what? The Chikungunya affects the eyes too!  My poor eyes are much better now, don't worry.  I'm not even wearing my shades today.
I have something important to tell all of you. . .
I'll be home in 23 days.
Don't do anything crazy like this, at least not until I'm home and can do it with you...
I was so tempted to jump in with them.  It looked so fun. . . But I restrained myself.  When I come back on vacation I will be coming to this tree.
This is my Christmas Present.  I SAW SOEUR MOLI!!! I haven't seen her since our accident.  I played a pretty mean trick.  I was invited to go to a christmas program in Punaauia so I sent Sr Moli a text asking her if she was going.  She said yes and asked if I was.  I told her I didn't think so because I have an eye infection.  Let's just say, she was not very pleased with me when I showed up and surprised her. We sat there hugging and crying. 
I love you all!!  Have a fantastic Christmas! Hug someone you love!! Watch this! Yes, click me. :) 






Monday, December 15, 2014

Chikungunya...She got it...

One upon a time in a jungle in a far away land lived a swarm of evil flying insects.  These flying insects love praying on the delicious liquid found in the veins of the human race. Unfortunately for the human race, the flying insects this year have an interesting disease. 

Who go this disease?
house for two out of the last four weeks of my mission. 
It's a good thing I didn't get hit has hard as everyone else.  Why? Because I am the EMT for the sister missionaries. At least, that's what I feel like. 

Last night at 9pm Soeur Anzi ran and sad, "Soeur Taylor! Come look at Sister JJJJJ what's wrong with her?"  I ran out of my room, into the other room.  The Sister was laying on her bed with an ice bag on her head, I yelled her name.  Nothing.  She didn't move.  I went up and touched her.  No movement.  I checked her pulse, her heart still worked.  I checked to see if she was breathing.  Yes. She was.  I looked down at the ground, saw a cup of water, scooped up a handful of water and threw it on her.  Nothing. 

I called the Ambulance, Soeur W the mission nurse, and our zone leaders.   

I helped load the sister onto the stretcher with the EMTs (one of whom is a recent convert) and I got into my car with the other sister's companion and drove to the hospital while Soeur Anzi went with the sick sister in the ambulance. 

It was an interesting night. 
Hopefully in these next thirty days nothing too exciting will happen. I will be back in the United States in 30 days.  

I had my last fireside last night.  It was in PAEA, where I had my accident.  There were over 350 people at this fireside.  I didn't even know that many people lived in Paea!  It was a fantastic way to celebrate the anniversary of my accident and to say goodbye to my family in Paea.  I was also able to see one of my miracles!
Ryan was one of my recent converts when I had my accident.  He had been baptized for one week when that happened.  We are still as thick as thieves. I love him to death! 

Also a shout out to the coolest girl on Tahiti. MALLORI!!  I love you girl! Here's to our future parties eating delicious Einstein's Bagels and drinking Jamba Juice!  

Here's to YOU!!  Have a fantastic "The Last Full Week Before Christmas!"  May your days be merry and bright, and I hope all your Christmases will be white!


Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

Monday, December 8, 2014

When December Comes......

This week I became an all-you-can-eat buffet for the mosquitoes in Mahina.  I have thirteen mosquito bites in a two-inch area of my foot.  The curses of being white. . .  What was I doing in Mahina?  Well, I was pestering poor Soeur Nstiete while she was talking on the phone.

I was also discovering the joy of very scary, sketchy bridges...

Yes.  This bridge is literally broken pieces of wood just laying on top of each other.  When you walk the bridge sways, and the boards all move.  I loved it, adventure time times a million! 

I spent two days in this area.  It was nice to see another part of Tahiti.  We had a very, crazy experience together.  First of all, every single one of our lessons cancelled.  No biggie, we had Back-up Plan B, Back-up Plan C, Back-up Plan D and Back-up Plan E.  Um. . .  Not a single one of the back up plans were home.  All day long.  Hello door knocking!  I love tracking   Well... In Tahiti it's door yelling.  There are no door to knock at or door bells to ring. We were sure to find someone right?  No.  No luck. 

We were walking back to the car when Soeur N felt like we should go see one of the inactive members.  Insert the craziest experience of my life here.  We left Akish, (yes, I named our car Akish.  Yes, I fully realize Akish is one of the super villains in the Book of Mormon.  Read Ether 8.  No really, read one of the craziest stories ever.) at a member's house and started walking.  

As we were walking along the main road that goes around the island, a car drove past us, stopped, and turned around.  This is when the "stranger danger" sirens went off in my head. A woman got out of her car and started waving. 

​Quickly, I looked at Soeur N and whispered "Do you know her?"  Soeur N looked back at me, "I have no idea who she is, but she keeps looking at YOU." Oh no, not again. 

When you're in Cali, you drive around Hollywood looking for famous movie stars, right?  Well in Tahiti. . . people drive around looking for. . . me.  They look for me.  They ask for my autograph.  They take pictures with me.  It is very odd. 

The lady explains that she saw me on the T.V. and she wants to take the missionary lessons.  Awesome!!  BUT.  BUT.  BUT.  She will not take them from the Elders in her area, she will only take them from me. 

It does not work that way. . .  I explained we teach the same things.  Nope only me.  I was afraid something like that would happen.  I took her phone number down and we shall see what happens.  

We kept walking to the member's house.  She's an older lady, she's a grandma. The things she told me, wow.  She looked at me, she looked at my name tag, and she started crying.  Five minutes earlier she was going to commit suicide.  Until she heard us yelling her name. 

She explained why she wanted to die, and she also explained that she knows that God loved her. Why?  Because she felt impressed to kneel down and pray instead of dying and the moment she said "amen" we yelled her name. 
I know that God has perfect timing.  I know that he puts things in our lives to help us, and to help others.  Sometimes things we do not understand happen and we can feel like it's not fair, or play the "why me?" game.  But He knows everything.  He wants us to be happy.  He will do everything possible for that to happen, and when we are happy, He will use us to help His other children be happy. 

I am so grateful to be here today. I am grateful I can play with little kids. I am thankful that God can use me to help other people, because I can stand here and say, I AM HAPPY. 

I am happy. 

I love you all! 

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Throw Back One Year Ago - Last letter before our lives were turned upside down

As we are approaching the one year mark, I went back and read Morgan's last letter to me.  I had been asking her for the past couple weeks prior for the scripture she wanted to be printed on her plaque at church.  It took her a couple weeks but this last letter before her accident she let me know what is was to be:
Moroni 7:33&37  "Christ hath said: if ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me"......For it is by Faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain. 
Morgan has had great faith this past year and so have we.  We have seen many miracles that have helped Morgan and blessed our family a long the way.  I have an unwavering testimony of this gospel.  I am so grateful and feel so blessed.  We all face difficult trials in our lives.  I hope those who are struggling right now will remember this scripture.  I refer back to it often. 
Now, here is Morgan's letter she wrote on Monday before her accident.  She was so excited about being able to attend the temple on Friday in Tahitian and also the ward Christmas party in her ward that evening.  She was able to attend the Temple but was hit a few hours later. 
The rain was pounding on the roof. I was sleeping away, dreaming in French, and enjoying the precious hours of sleep I have. That when I heard it. I, groggily, woke up wondering what the sound could be. As I turned my head to the left, nothing. As I turned my head to the right. BAM!

Mouth full of fur.

Cat fur.

Pananche, our favorite feline friend, was purring away, feeling pretty sneaky for jumping through my window and sleeping on my pillow all night long.

*sigh* This cat. I found it sleeping on our table. Our washing machine. In our Attic. And basically everywhere. It's the most annoying animal in the world.

Other than that our nights have been pretty uneventful. Thankfully. We live in a very safe, very quiet neighborhood. Right next door to the Protestant Church. I'll probably only be staying here for another 3 weeks. Which, as happy as I am to get out of here, is slightly depressing. 6 months is a long time. You get really close to families and investigators in that amount of time, but we move on. And I'll be coming back.

Why will I be coming back? Well. We have three INCREDIBLE couples we're teaching. 2 of which will be baptised Christmas day. The only is still working on the Word of Wisdom. And... Sœur Moli and I promised them this week we'll be at their temple sealing. So. TAHITI HERE I COME! Again. Later on. For a wedding. And to tear up those waves.

Speaking of waves. Sœur Moli and I hit up the end of Tahiti for our last p-day. We were able to see a nice bit of Papeari and went down to the beach where they have the national surfing compétitions. Unfortunately those are in July... But it was still pretty cool. The black sand, and McDonalds run made it even better. ;)

I got mail this week! I'd love to know why I can get mail from Japan, before America. (Elder Rogers is the best! Japanese mail!)
AND!! WE GOT REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! I can't explain how long it's been since I've eaten one of those little babies. :)  Yes, I know I look really tired. Let me explain myself. We had a 6 hour long weekly planning session last night. It was fantastic. I loved it. Sœur Moli and I are going to be friends for a very long time. And yes, my eye looks a tad swollen. I almost poked it out with a metal pole. But there's no damage to the eye, just the eye lid. And yes. That is a helmet tan line for my hair. And Yes. I love Utah State. And yes. I've gained weight. But guess what? I LOVE MY MISSION! And that's all that matters!

V and J. Are our best friends. We're with them everyday, and they are so READY to get married and baptized. Want to know a secret? The gospel changes families. It changes couples. The 2nd lesson with V was terrible. Why? Well we got there and she was crying. J had left the house after an argument with their baby and wouldn't answer his phone. She was worried sick. We talked to her a little bit and then we asked her if she had prayed for him to come back. She hadn't. She asked me to say the pray for us. Right as we finished the pray his car pulled up. The next day, he finally accepted the lessons. And now, I've never seen a more unified couple here in Tahiti. They read the Book of Mormon everyday. They pray everyday. And they are incredible. I am going to miss them. 

We had another miracle this week. We're teaching another couple. T and L. T is a member inactive, and L is SUPER catholic. We started heading over to teach T and see if he needed anything. Each time we'd come over he would have to BEG L to come listen to us. She was not interested at all. We invited them to come to the temple with us.

The lesson after.

She's getting baptized. December 25. She never listened to our lessons. But she wants to go to the temple.

Moral of these stories? The spirit changes hearts. Prayer changed J.  And the incredible feeling in the garden of the temple changed L immediately. It's nothing we did. We're here to help them understand what they feel, but we ABSOLUTELY can not change a person. We can't make them have the desire to pray or to read or to get baptized. BUT. The spirit can, if they're open enough to listen. That is what is incredible about this work. It's not our work. It is really, truly, the Lord's work.

I love it.

Sœur Taylor

p.s.s. the Internet is slow... and I don't have time to upload more pictures. :) NEEEXT week!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Because of Him

This week was Thanksgiving.  I sat there and reflected on the things I am thankful for.  I wrote 4 pages of things. (On collage ruled paper of course!)

I am grateful to be a missionary.  I am grateful to serve in French Polynesia.
I am grateful for my family.  I am grateful for the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

As I was giving another fireside, (I gave four firesides this weekend.  We did A LOT of driving.) I sat there and I realized something.  I am grateful for the Atonement of Christ, I was already thankful for that.  BUT  because he died for us we can be baptized.  If we are baptized, we can be sealed to our family.  Yes.  I have always known that was a blessing.  I can be sealed one day to my future husband.  But, because of my accident, I look at life a lot differently. 

I am grateful families can be sealed because I cannot imagine living without my little brother.  He is my best friend.  I cannot imagine a life without my sisters.  They are the best thing that has happened to me.  I am grateful for my family. 

I am grateful I can go to the temple one day, so my future children, will never have to worry if they will see their best friends, their siblings, after this life.  They will not have to worry about wether they will see their parents after this life. 

This is all possible because our brother, Jesus Christ, died for us.  Because of him we can have an eternal family.  Because of him the Priesthood exists.  Because of him, I am happy. 

I love you!

Soeur Mo

Now, watch my favourite Video, "Because of Him."  I show it at the end of each of my firesides. 

Other Photos Morgan sent this week...
With some other Missionaries!

Elder Hansen from right here in Smithfield, Utah.  They were in the same 4th grade class

It looks like Nerf guns are popular with the kids in Tahiti too right now!

At one of four firesides she did this weekend

Morgan and Sr. Anzi

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

Monday, November 24, 2014

In the Name of Missionary Work

I want you all the sterotypical missionary stories you have heard.  What "Horror" stories have you heard?  Start listing them now!  Pull up a new email, write down the missionary horror stories you have heard/lived and email it to RIGHT NOW!

(Do you like my grill?  Yes, I made a fire under a piece of metal.)
This week I am a living example of probably every single one of those stories.  What happened this week? 

On a blustery day, with no lessons planned, my extremely sick companion, Soeur Anzi, and I wandered into a small neighborhood in hope of finding a new person to talk to.  As we entered, we met two very large dogs, gave them a loving pat, and continued walking.  As we unsuccessfully left the neighborhood, our two new friends, the dogs, followed us.  30 seconds later I had a nice new, red tattoo of the teeth of a dog on my hand.  I was bit by a dog. 

Speaking of tattoos! We were walking to go teach a lesson when we spotted our investigator with a large group of people.  We went to go see what was going on.  That was when I was offered a free tattoo.  It was a tattoo party.  There was a long line of people waiting to get tattoos.  Including a 7-year-old girl.  I successfully convinced her NOT to get a tattoo. 

(in the Hospital.  This is one of my favorite Patients)
That was when her 14-year-old sister offered me a smoke of her cigarette.  I was very tempted to say yes, take the whole pack, and throw it into the middle of the ocean.  That is when a 15-year-old girl told her that members of our church do not smoke.  I started talking to her about the church and I asked her how old her little brother was that she was holding.  Nope.  Not her little brother.  It was her 4-month-old son.  

After all this, we went to a dinner appointment.  Finally, food!  I was talking to the non-member grandpa about his latest hospital stay.  I made the mistake of asking why he was in the hospital.  He said because I had an operation right here, he stood up, and dropped his pants so he could show me much more than I wanted to ever see.  Thanks Papi, but I did NOT want to see that. 

​During dinner, we ate Fafaroo!  It was delicious!  Granted I can't smell or taste, but the family didn't know that and was very impressed the little blonde American had three servings of the rotten fish.  

All in the name of missionary work. 

Oh,  I'll be home on January 14th!  My flight lands in SLC around 6:30pm.  I hope to see you all there!

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.
Additional Photos sent this week:

When Morgan sent this photo I responded with "oh my, what in the world"  then I read what the story was behind it.  This is the group of people waiting to get tattoos on the side of the road.  She was trying to talk them out of getting them.  They told her she was next and that is why she is laughing.  A fourteen year old put his hat on her because she looked "too proper"  She saved the child from getting one:) 

Morgan and the machete she used to help start her fire......I think I am OK with that:)  I know she used them in her first area Maraa one year ago to open coconuts.  I would be lying if I said I am not overly protective now days.  Everyone wear your helmets, seatbelts and lather up with Sunscreen!!! 


Monday, November 17, 2014

Kiss The Fish......

I'd like to introduce you to my doppelganger.  This is dealing Soeur Stansty.  I feel for this poor girl. She is getting stopped and people are saying, "Soeur Taylor! How are you feeling!!" Um.. Not Soeur Taylor.  I guess we do look similar. We're both blonde.  She is, however, much more tan than I am (the curse of being in a car).  But, if my hair were at its normal length, we could probably pass as fraternal twins. What do you think?

Everyday I see a miracle.  Look at food!  We eat it, and our body turns it into energy. This week I saw a big one.  A few weeks ago I let a member download my newstory off my 500gb hard drive.  BAD. IDEA.  Insert extremely deadly virus here.  EXTREMELY DEADLY.  For weeks I have felt so sick because I could not open a single file.  That is where all my pre-accident mission pictures are.  I could not open them.  I was sick.  My soul hurt.  I was wallowing in self-anguish to Soeur Anderson, she works in the mission office, one day about it.  What did she tell me?  "Go talk to "R"over at the Church Office. He fixed my computer, maybe he can fixed your hard drive." So, skeptically I went.  Skeptic, yet full of hope.  I loaded up my "bag o' virus" (Yes, I literally wrote, Le Sac du Virus on the bag, complete with a skull and crossbones) and went to the church office to grovel... What happened? 


My USB drives, all 6 of them are virus free.  They will NOT be touching a non-church computer for the rest of my mission.  Holy cow. 
(Yum!!  Hey, if you can't kiss a boy, kiss a fish!) 
Everyone tells me my accident has changed lives. I believe that with all my heart, but I have always wondered if I would ever SEE how it changed someone's life. (yes, I know.  Faith is believing without seeing.  That does not change the fact I would like to meet someone who changed because of my accident aside from my familý's and my own.)

This week, my best friend, Miti, introduced me to two people. "Y"and "Z"
 Y is an investigator, he didn't say very much.  Maybe because he was sacred of me, that happens, or because Z was talking a lot.  Z was baptized on October 25th.  His conversion story literally took my breath away. 

Z heard about my accident in June,  He thought it had just happened, so what did he do?  He went to the hospital and looked for me.  When he did not find me, he looked for the missionaries to see if I was okay.  He started taking the lessons and he got baptized.  When he saw me outside the temple with MIti, he started crying.  God does everything perfectly. 

​(Elevator Selfies!) 

My 20-year-old friend, Z, can have all the blessings God wants him to have now.  Because I was hit by a drunk driver.  I was able to meet a man whose life has been changed for the better. He can have an eternal family now. 

I would never changed December 13, 2013 for anything. 

I am thankful I was hit by a drunk driver.  Too much good has come from that accident to wish for anything different.  Yes, I would like my memory back, I miss tasting and smelling, and YES dear citizens of Tahiti I gained a lot of weight.  But, the good outweighs all the bad in my situation. 
I am lucky.  I am blessed.  I am thankful.  I am still "Mo." I am alive. 

Soeur Mo
Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Locked in the house

How I feel about packages...Thanks Mom!

So my companion has been sick all this week.... We have not left the house.  Enjoy flashback pictures. 

Yeah... It's not Christmas without Snow.  IT IS SNOWING IN TAHITI!! I made dozens of snowflakes and taped them around the house.  You can only do so much studying within one week...  

​Flashback to last week!!  I like boats. :)

​I played with Vanilla plants on Moorea. 


I'll be more exciting next week... 

Sœur Mo

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Miracles Happen Once in a while if you HAVE FAITH...

This email may be a tad short this week, seeing as I am currently sitting on the lovely beaches of Moorea.
Yes, you read that right.  I am in Moorea.  No, I was not transferred there.  I AM ON VACATION!!!!
Totally kidding. 
I am here on business.
Last night, I gave a fireside here on this lovely island.

I am in Moorea!  Well, I'm only here for two days, but it has been the best two days ever.  Moorea is pretty small, there are not a lot of members compared to Tahiti, so I wasn't expecting too many people to show up.  I should have learned by now that the opposite of what I expect will happen.  We filled up the entire chapel.  Then, we found all the folding chairs and filled up every space outside that was by a window.  We ran out of chairs.  People were sitting on other people's laps just to see me.  It was incredible.  

​This is Mia.  She is 4 years old.  We are now best friends.  She is incredible.  After my accident the members were asked to pray for me, she reminded her family every morning and night to say a prayer for me.  I love her.  I am so thankful for the prayers everyone said for me.  Most importantly for the faith everyone had.  Go read Moroni 7:33 and 37.  It is only by faith that miracles can happen.  If we didn't have faith, today, I would not be here on this Earth. 

I would not be able to celebrate my favorite holiday.

It was Halloween this week!!  For those of you who know me well, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Big time.  I dress up every year, usually I'm an evil witch doctor, but this year (and last year) I didn't have my costume.  So I made do.

Yes, I am in the middle.  People who saw this picture asked me where I was...​ 

The scary thing about my costume is not the fact that I look terribly creepy, but it's the fact that my little sister, McKenzie, had the same idea.  Just not in the creepy manner I did.
She was a cute scarecrow. 
Yeah, living proof that we are siblings.  Sisters to the end! Sorry Kenz, you're stuck with me. :) 

Thank you for everyone who has supported me!!  It's crazy to think I'll be home in less than three months. Ahhhh.. 

Nope.  I refuse to think about that.  My mission will never end.  At least, my mission started in 2012, and it's going to end in 2015.  Actually, my mission is never going to end.  I may not get to wear my shiny, black name tag all the time, but my shiny, black name tag will be in my heart.  I will always be a missionary. 

I love you!! 


Other Photos Morgan Sent this week.  She said she saw dolphins, turtles and whales:)

Morgan and her companion
Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Because of Love.....

I would like to start of this letter in giant capital letters,


Why?  Well, so there is an island I have always wanted to serve on called Maupiti.  The missionaries and members would like me to go there and do a fireside.  I asked President last week if there was anyway I could go.  And, He told me I could go if I find a way to pay for my ticket.  So, insert the "Fund to Send Soeur Taylor to Maupiti" fundraiser here.  It is about 300 dollars, but I will accomplish this lifelong goal. .....Editors note:)  The "Fund to Send Soeur Taylor to Maupiti" was quickly met and she will be going the end of November:).....

Also, meet my new companion...For this week.
I LOVE HER TO DEATH.  Her name is Soeur Anzi, she was born in Africa, but lives in Paris now.  She is basically my twin, and we do crazy good work together.  Yesterday in 3 hours we did more work than what I have done in one week my whole second half of my mission.  It is safe to say, I am very happy. We also go running in the mornings.  We run to the cemetery. 

Also, I GOT A LETTER!  I cannot explain how happy mail makes me. 

And I played with Kids.  Children are attracted to me. We have fun together. 

We also go our car back, no worries.  Because the accident wasn't my fault I am allowed to drive again.  Life is good. 

What did I learn this week?  Love.  Love is important.  That should be our only motive.  Why do something to hurt/annoy someone?  We do everything because we love it.  Why do we work?  Well, so I can pay for school.  Why go to school?  Because I want to learn.  I love learning.  Also, so I can get a good job later on in life.  Why is it important to have a good job?  So I can help pay for the things my family needs.  Why do that? Because I love my family.  Therefore, I am working because of Love.

​(Quick!  my lovely sisters, hold your breath! I'm in a cemetery!) ......Editors Note, again:) Morgans sisters always made her hold her breath when they ever drove by a cemetery:)  The girlies like this photo!!

God loves us.  He gives us everything because he loves us.  I sit here sometimes and think, do I love my  neighbors?  Do I show my love for them?  Hey, here I love complete strangers.  In fact, I love them to the point I go to the hospital multiple times a week and talk to the patients. 

The very first person I spoke to in the hospital a few weeks ago was a member.  She was the first lady to ask for me to come see her.  I am very close with her family.  I went and saw her Saturday night, we had a good chat and laughed a bit.  She told me she was going to be at the airport when I leave to go home. I told her I would be back to see her at 5pm on Sunday.  My dear friend, "V" passed away at 4pm yesterday.  I miss her.  Death is an odd thing.  We think of it as a bad thing, but it is a wonderful thing.  It should be joyus.  She is leaving this world, she no longer has her cancer, and she is back with God.  We are sad because we miss her.  We are sad because we are not with her.  We are sad because we love her. But I am also happy she is now able to be free from this terrible disease called cancer, but I am sad because I cannot see her. Because I was one hour too late to say goodbye one last time. 

Last night we went with the Elders in our zone. They had a nice taste of my life.  My experience is incredible.  I walk into a room, it does not matter if it is a room of a member or not, and the patient sees me and starts crying.  They tell the Elders, "Thank you for bringing Soeur Taylor to see me.  I think about her and her story everyday.  She gives me hope."  *okay, i'm crying as I type this*

​(We make silly faces) 

I give people hope.  I am so blessed to be able to do that.  I love the people of Tahiti. I love my mission.  I love my companion Soeur Anzi.  I am here because of love.  I am here to be an example to my future children.  Because I love my mission.  Because I love this gospel.  Because I love my savior, my brother Jesus Christ. 

I am here because of Love. 

Soeur Mo
Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.
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