Monday, November 17, 2014

Kiss The Fish......

I'd like to introduce you to my doppelganger.  This is dealing Soeur Stansty.  I feel for this poor girl. She is getting stopped and people are saying, "Soeur Taylor! How are you feeling!!" Um.. Not Soeur Taylor.  I guess we do look similar. We're both blonde.  She is, however, much more tan than I am (the curse of being in a car).  But, if my hair were at its normal length, we could probably pass as fraternal twins. What do you think?

Everyday I see a miracle.  Look at food!  We eat it, and our body turns it into energy. This week I saw a big one.  A few weeks ago I let a member download my newstory off my 500gb hard drive.  BAD. IDEA.  Insert extremely deadly virus here.  EXTREMELY DEADLY.  For weeks I have felt so sick because I could not open a single file.  That is where all my pre-accident mission pictures are.  I could not open them.  I was sick.  My soul hurt.  I was wallowing in self-anguish to Soeur Anderson, she works in the mission office, one day about it.  What did she tell me?  "Go talk to "R"over at the Church Office. He fixed my computer, maybe he can fixed your hard drive." So, skeptically I went.  Skeptic, yet full of hope.  I loaded up my "bag o' virus" (Yes, I literally wrote, Le Sac du Virus on the bag, complete with a skull and crossbones) and went to the church office to grovel... What happened? 


My USB drives, all 6 of them are virus free.  They will NOT be touching a non-church computer for the rest of my mission.  Holy cow. 
(Yum!!  Hey, if you can't kiss a boy, kiss a fish!) 
Everyone tells me my accident has changed lives. I believe that with all my heart, but I have always wondered if I would ever SEE how it changed someone's life. (yes, I know.  Faith is believing without seeing.  That does not change the fact I would like to meet someone who changed because of my accident aside from my familĂ˝'s and my own.)

This week, my best friend, Miti, introduced me to two people. "Y"and "Z"
 Y is an investigator, he didn't say very much.  Maybe because he was sacred of me, that happens, or because Z was talking a lot.  Z was baptized on October 25th.  His conversion story literally took my breath away. 

Z heard about my accident in June,  He thought it had just happened, so what did he do?  He went to the hospital and looked for me.  When he did not find me, he looked for the missionaries to see if I was okay.  He started taking the lessons and he got baptized.  When he saw me outside the temple with MIti, he started crying.  God does everything perfectly. 

​(Elevator Selfies!) 

My 20-year-old friend, Z, can have all the blessings God wants him to have now.  Because I was hit by a drunk driver.  I was able to meet a man whose life has been changed for the better. He can have an eternal family now. 

I would never changed December 13, 2013 for anything. 

I am thankful I was hit by a drunk driver.  Too much good has come from that accident to wish for anything different.  Yes, I would like my memory back, I miss tasting and smelling, and YES dear citizens of Tahiti I gained a lot of weight.  But, the good outweighs all the bad in my situation. 
I am lucky.  I am blessed.  I am thankful.  I am still "Mo." I am alive. 

Soeur Mo
Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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