Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Senior Ball Pt2

Happy Wednesday world!!

My day was boring.  I woke up, ate breakfast, showered, watched another documentary on China, read a book, ate lunch, went to my sister's awards assembly, slept, worked, came home, and now I'm blogging.  I'm super entertaining, I know.  Big news though. . . Tomorrow is Graduation!! I've only waited 13 years for this, no big deal or anything.  If I don't blog tomorrow it's because I'm partying it up!  If I do blog. . . Well. . . You can mock me shamelessly for not having anything better to do.

Back to Senior Ball.

After dinner we went to the actual dance.  It was weird. . . First of all there were way too many Juniors there.  It's called SENIOR Ball for a reason.  I just wanted to go strangle all the boys who brought SOPHOMORES to the dance instead of some poor senior girl.  Gah.  That's going to bug me for a long time.

I love dancing.  It's one of my favorite things in the whole wide world to do, but if you're in a group that doesn't like to dance it's terribly awkward.  Thank goodness that wasn't the case.  Our group was EPIC.  I didn't stop all night (except to grab some water).  I loved it.  But, the best part were the slow dances.  (of course, I'm such a girl.)

It was raining.  Not a horrible downpour, but a nice, romantic drizzle.  And the doors of the building opened to an outdoor patio area.  And there was a pavilion, gazebo thing.  And I danced under the pavilion, gazebo thing.  In the rain.  At night.  (It was a total Twilight moment, but I ate it up.  I'm a romantic, remember?!)  It was perfect.  Seriously, the dance part couldn't have gotten any better. *sigh*  I wish I had a replay button for life.

But, the dance wasn't all happy.  In an incredibly epic hair flipping contest with Madi I twisted/sprained/broke my ankle.  I don't know exactly what is wrong with it, but I'm startin to get worried.  It's not feeling any better.  This happened right before the last dance.  I was so brave.  I didn't even shed a tear (even though I was desperately close) and I pretended everything was just fine.  I wanted my last dance and a dumb accident wasn't going to take it away from me. It was a fantastic last dance.  I wish I had a replay button right here too. . . *sigh*

The fun part was trying to walk to the car.  Oh, that hurt like a mother.  But I put on my big girl face and pretended nothing had happened, even if I was limping and Josh was holding me up.  NBD.  I don't even think anyone else in the group notice.

We had skookies for dessert.  DELICIOUS.  Who ever had the idea to put ice cream, caramel, and fudge on warm cookies is my hero.  That's all I have to say.  I love them.

Then Josh took me home.  It was the perfect ending for the perfect night.  I had completely forgotten about dinner by then.  Overall on the dance scale Senior Ball is ranked number one! Closely followed by Sadie's Junior year.  But, that's a story for another time.

Maybe I'll post pictures.  Maybe I won't.  I'm still deciding.  Until then, Happy Graduation!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Senior Ball Pt1

I promised myself I was going to be better at blogging.  I'm failing.  I HATE going to the blogs I follow and finding out they haven't posted anything in three whole days.  It's one of my biggest pet peeves.  But, I'll catch you up on life.

Senior Ball was Saturday.  It was an interesting day.  It started out kinda sketchy, got better, got sketchy again, got super fun, and then it was just perfect.  I had a bipolar dance experience, not many girls can say they got that!

We had our day-date in the morning.  So, it was a morning-date.  The boys, well, the ones who can manage their time accordingly and were there on time made us breakfast.  This was my first worry. . . I hate breakfast foods.  I know, I know, I'm crazy.  They only things I like are oatmeal, sunflower seed bagels, or scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese.  There MUST be mushrooms and cheese in my eggs or I won't eat them.  But, for breakfast we had fruit (YUUM), bacon (it's alright), and French Toast.  Now, I am an incredibly picky French Toast eater.  It has to be just right or I don't like it.   Let just say. . . My breakfast was incredibly DELICIOUS! Those boys know how to cook, and who ever came up with caramel syrup (yes, I did say caramel) was a GENIUS.  I love them.  That was breakfast.

Then we played volleyball.  *GROAN*  I haven't played volleyball since the 9th grade when I was going to try out for the team but messed up my wrist and had to get a wrist brace and such.  Yeah.  Volleyball hates me.  I felt really dumb.  The group of people we were with are all super nice, but the girls make me feel extremely self-conscious.  I know I psyched myself out and looked stupid. . . Meh.  But then it started raining and we left.  Yay!  That was our date.

Ice Cream was next.  And come on, nothing can ruin a good 'ol Oreo shake.  Ice cream was good.  I don't have much to say on that subject.

I went home, took a nap, got ready, snapped some pictures, and waited for Josh to pick me up.

My sisters are insane.  I don't know how anyone can understand how insane they are without spending the day with them.  They had their friends over to meet Josh.  They filmed everything.  Starting from opening the door to us driving away.  We took some pictures, did the awkward pinning of the boutineer and headed to get more pictures.

Dinner was next.  It was pretty awful.  Not the food, the food was delicious!  Mrs. B makes some mean chicken.  Mmmm.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. But... I felt like an awkward wheel to the table.  I felt like I had nothing in common with any of them.  I swear they all talked about Lord of the Rings for an hour.  I've seen it once.  While I was sick.  And I slept through most of it.  Gah.  I was ready to go home right then.  But the food was delicious. It was so, so good.

Then, thankfully, we left. And went to the dance.  And I'll tell you about the dance tomorrow.  My wrist hurts from typing so much... Ce' la vie...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Sonic Adventure

**DISCLAIMER:  It is currently 12:39 pm.  I'm exhausted.  I apologize in advance for any horrendous grammar, spelling, or just strange writing**

I'm done with high school!! Or, at least the learning stuff, I still have to wait until next Thursday to be completely "official."  It seems like every day leading up to the last one just gets better and better.  Tonight, for example, was the best night of my life so far.

Kendra and I crashed the Passing of the Torch.  We didn't wear our graduation robes... Oopise.  It was actually incredibly fun.  We got to march up to the field, in the dark, with our nifty candle holders, surrounded by all the seniors.  I'm so so glad we went.

After all the mushy stuff, Kendra and I kidnapped Tyrel and Max and headed to Sonic.  We were awful.  It was HILARIOUS.  Here, this is what went down:
   MO:  "I have a question."
   Sonic: "Okay?"
   Mo: "Can you do four separate tickets?"
   Sonic: "Sure thing!"
   Mo: "Awesome!  Okay, on the first one we want... Um... Wait a second."
   Sonic: "Okay, just push the button when you are ready."
   Pushes button 3 minutes later
   Mo: "Are your shakes half-priced right now?"
   Sonic: "Yes they are."
   Mo: "Oh, Okay!  What's your favorite kind?"
   Sonic: " The Hot Fudge is really good, and so is the Banana."
   Mo: "Hot Fudge? Gross.  What's the most popular?"
   Sonic: "Hot Fudge and Strawberry-Banana and Caramel"
   Mo: "What's in the caramel one?"
   Sonic: " Ice cream, milk and caramel."
   Mo: "That's it?"
   Sonic: "Yup."
   Mo: "Hmmm.... Are your blasts half-priced too?"
   Sonic: "No, they aren't."
   Mo: "Oh. Why not?"
   Sonic: "It costs more money to make with all the ingredients."
   Mo: "Okay, we're going to think."
   Sonic: "Just push the button when you are ready."
   Tyrel: "So, I heard you guys have daily specials."
   Sonic: "We do, Today is is *something*  but we ran out of it so it's *something*."
   Tyrel:  "Is the *new something* better than the *old something.*
   Sonic: "They're both good."
   Tyrel: "Okay, I think we are going to get 5 shakes."
   Sonic: "Okay, what flavors?"
   Tyrel: "What flavors do you have?"
   Sonic: *Spouts off a list of flavors*
   Tyrel: "I didn't hear you, can you repeat that?"
   Sonic: *Spouts off the list much, much slower*
   Tyrel: "I still can't hear you over the music, can you have someone come out and help   us?"
   Sonic: *New Voice*  "We're going to have to have you come to the drive-thru."

It was hilarious!  Kendra and Max were in the backseat trying not to die laughing.

After our Sonic adventure we saran-wrapped cars,  ran around the football field, and had a parking lot dance.  I love my friends.  I'm really, really going to miss them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Nightmare of the Week

Today has been insane.  Like really, really insane.  I had the weirdest nightmare last night, which really worries me because my dreams have the tenancy to come true.... Be prepared for the oddness my subconscious comes up with.

** So, it was Saturday (May 26), which is the day of Senior Ball, I wake up around ten a.m. all relaxed because I got to sleep in.  I got out of bed and headed over to weed this house (I get paid to do it, no worries).  After I weed, I take a delightful shower and get all clean (yeah... singing in the shower really did happen in my dream. I'm cool like that).

That's when I get a text from one of my friends asking me if I could help him go find his sister a dress, I look at the clock and figure I might as well because our day date didn't start until 3.  I help him, I looked at awesome dresses, and the dresses I saw made me like the one I'm wearing even more.

As I get home I start to panic because there is nobody to help me get my dress on (it has a tie-up back).  Right as I'm ready to walk to my friend's house (I've done it before) to have her tie it my mom gets home.  She's really, really, really mad.  I ask her if she can help me and she goes off on how she's too busy, blah, blah, blah.  Then she literally throws a different dress at me (with a zipper) and drives away.  I start bawling because I liked the dress I first had better, and I didn't want to have to change into a new one, but I didn't want to make my mom mad.

Right then, my date rings the doorbell.  As I open it to tell him I'd just be a second, he ask, "Where were you this morning when I came to pick you up."  WHAT?!  I just look at him and he says, "Did you forget we were going to have breakfast?"  My heart stopped right there.  Then inside I got quite mad because he did not tell me we were having breakfast, but I told him that in my broken-down, "oh my gosh really?" voice.  All he said was, "Yeah.."  hung his head and walked away.  I shut the door, sunk to the floor and just cried. In my pretty green dress.**

I woke up to realize it was 7:46.  I was late for school.  What a way to start out my day. Woot!

It was an awful dream.  If there are any shrinks out there who wish to interpret it for me that'd be much appreciated. Today my friend told me if there's no one home to tie up my dress I can go to her house.  I'm going to set four alarms too.

As for the rest of my day, It was really boring.  Very boring.  I sat at work for three hours and only made eight snow cones.... But I took pictures of my epic rainbow-snow cone creating skills.  Do enjoy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Do.

There's a movie out on my favorite thing in the world, Netflix, called: "That's What I Am."  It's incredible.  **disclaimer, If you are sensitive to swearing it says the a-word 4 times, the d-word 5 times, and b word once**  It's about bullying and becoming who YOU are, not what other people want you to be, expect you to be, or pressure you into being.  You should watch it, then we can gab over it like Once Upon a Time!

But, back to the focus of this post... I'm one of the lucky people who know what they are.  I'm a writer.  I've known this since the seventh grade when my English teacher pulled me aside and told me I was a good writer, and I went on to win the English Department award.

Writing has always been important to me, heck, I bet I came out of the womb with a pencil in my hand.  In second grade I wrote book after book, writing was my favorite part of the day.  In third-fifth grade I created a neighborhood newsletter called the, "Kids News" where I collected writing samples from the other kids, complied them, and sold my paper door-to-door.  I've kept a journal for years (except this year I've been seriously lacking in that department, I'm working on it though) and I love writing poetry.

I would have never done anything with my talent if that English teacher hadn't pulled me aside.  Because of her I have been published in the local newspaper and our yearbook, I've been Editor-in-Chief of the school paper and literary magazine, and my poetry has been published in three different books.  I owe her a lot.

I doubt myself though.  All the time.  I never ever feel like what I'm doing is enough.  Especially this year when I feel like I'm trying my hardest but nothing is really coming out of it.  I felt like no one noticed my efforts so I started to give up.  (I know, I know, "as long as you're doing your best it shouldn't matter what anyone things about it." It matters to me.)

I got one of my essay papers back for my English 1010 class (it was an Ethnographic Essay with a partner), and instantly regretted not trying harder this trimester.  I wish I could have shown my teacher what my best writing is, because this essay could have been a lot better if any effort had been put into it.  Even so, he restored the confidence I have in my writing and I know things are only going to get better from here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More of Life's Irony

I got a job!  Hooray!  No, it was not at Charlie's Ice Cream, I told the owner I was going to Snow and she did not hire me.  But, I got an even better job.  I'm working at the Snow Shack by Hastings.  Yup.  I'm supa cool.  Here's a little secret about me, I'm addicted to snow cones.  Like, worse than Lexie Chew's Diet Coke addiction.  I have had one of my delightful little treats at least once a day for the past two weeks; sometimes I have two.

But, don't worry, most of them are sugar-free, thus, mostly calorie free, so I can fit in to my gorgeous dress for Senior Ball.

Here's The Irony (notice the capitalization) of they day.

When I applied to the Snow Shack I met a very nice girl, she was super cute and actually helped me land my fabulous position as Snow Cone Creator Extraordinaire.  Her name is Hailey.  I worked with her Saturday night and we tried to figure out why in the world we looked so familiar to each other.  We couldn't figure it out.  BUUUUT. . . We found out why today!

Once upon a time, I was athletic, and skinny, and loved to run (gag).  Because of this strange disease, I joined the Logan Flyers Track Team and it was fun!  I did the long jump (and went to state twice, it was a big deal to the 11 and 12 year-old Morgan) and made a bunch of friends.

Today, I use to know from track came and got an Orange Cream size 8oz treat.  I mentioned her to Hailey and she was like "Really? I know her from track too! But, it's just from this little kids track team, the Logan Flyers.."

I was ready to DIE right there.  In a good way though.  I had an extremely good friend named Hailey on the team, who long-jumped with me.  Yeah.  Same girl.


We, being the girls we are, had a freak out in the building which involved copious amounts of screaming and jumping, I know the customers eating their Blue Hawaii with Cream think we are insane.  It's worth it thought.

I love these little twists in life.  They keep every day interesting and make me happy. *insert SMILEY face here*

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming Full Circle

Life is incredibly ironic, and I can totally understand why.  If I could control a planet I would definitively throw fun twists into the lives of the people I watch.  Today was the day those little twists appeared in my life.

The very first book I ever read by myself was "Go Dog, Go" by Dr. Seuss.  Now, I don't know if I could actually read the words, or if I was just extremely good at memorizing, but that doesn't matter now.  The second book I read was "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" once again by the lovely Dr. Seuss.  There was another book, "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Theodore Geisel, that was just a little over my head at the age of four.  (If you didn't know Theodore Geisel was Dr. Suess' real name.  Fun fact.) The book said a lot of words, that didn't make sense to me, but they gave me some practice sounding words out.

Tonight was our "Senior Roast" for Mutual.  (Yes, I'm LDS)  Our leaders and parents basically embarrassed us and gave us giant Sky View-colored balloons.  They also gave us a book.  A book I hadn't read in over fourteen years.  A book that makes sense now.

"Oh, the Places You'll Go!" is actually a graduation speech written by the Doctor himself.  You really should just read it.  I can't explain how deep it really is.  Mr. Geisel was not just a rhyme-y guy who wrote books for kids.  He is incredible.  His stories are deep, insightful, and extremely inspiring if you take the chance to understand the message behind the "rhyme-y" words.

The irony comes in now.  My first book (well close to my first book)  is also the last book I will be given.  It was given to me in a brand new ward that has the two people I have known the longest since I moved to Smithfield.  After thirteen years, my beginnings are now becoming an important part of my ending, and the circle will continue.  I'll be here, waiting for the new twist in my story.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sometimes I Do Crazy Things

Okay.... I have a confession.  Sometimes I do crazy things for the people I love.  Below is a letter I wrote to Ellen DeGeneres.  Just read it and it will all make sense. :)

Hi Ellen! Let me just start off telling you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!! (I'm sure you hear that all the time though, but it's true.) Now, let me tell you why I am sending you this fantastic email.  I have a request, and it's not for myself, it's for my best friend in the whole wide world.
Her name is Madison Huber, and we have known each other since our sixth grade year at Cedar Ridge Elementary School in Hyde Park, Utah.  Madi has always been there for me through an extremely tough four years in high school, and I really want to show her how much I care by making her dream come true.  Madi is OBSESSED with One Direction.  It is ridiculous how much she loves them sometimes. Everyday I learn some new fact about them I will never need to know.  Her one dream in life is to be able to meet them, and I want to make that come true.  
She heard the boys are going to be on your show this summer and she has already emailed you pleading to be able to come on your show and meet them.  She doesn't know I'm emailing you too, and Ellen, I'm going to beg.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow Madi to meet them.  It would mean the world to me and, of course, Madison.
If there is anything else I can do to show you how important this is to me please let me know.  I will do ANYTHING.  Really, I will do anything.  Thank you so much Ellen! You're the greatest!
Lots of love!
Morgan Taylor

I'm sending her one every day until I get a response.  Count on it.  If you're one of those cool people out there send Ellen an email on behalf of Madi.  I'd love you all forever if you did.  Don't forget this is a secret.  *shhhhh!!!*

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thought Vomit: on Romance

This entire week I have been thinking about what I should blog about, and every day I think of something totally epic, but I don't write about it. . . This is my thought vomit.  (I know it sounds incredibly delicious   and totally makes you want to read more.)

I haven't even introduced myself.  All my faithful followers out there (okay, Brock is probably the only one who ever reads this) let me tell you who I am.

I am Morgan, but the people who care about me call me Mo.  I am a natural blonde, 5 feet 5.3423434 inches tall, and I have these odd hazel eyes.  That's what people see on the outside.  Very few actually get to figure out "who I am" on the inside.  This blog is my way of kinda throwing myself out there.  Hello world!! These are my innermost (kinda censored) thoughts! Go ahead, read them, gossip about me, entertain yourself, do what ever your heart desires, I don't really care.  *insert bubbly, carefree, oober cheesy smile here*

Now that that's over with I can get on to the meat and potatoes of my word vomit.  (ooh this is just getting better) I'm a hopeless romantic. There, I said it.  Hello, my name is Morgan, *"Hello Morgan!"* and I have been romance free (in real life) for exactly nine days.  But. . . I gave into temptation and watched chick flicks all night. . . *head bow  in shame*

I'm kidding.  Sorta.  I don't know what "romance" is in real-life.  I'm pretty sure all the chick flicks I've watched have ruined me.  I want a Patrick Dempsey to dance with me to "So Close" at a ball in New York City, I want a Nick Roux to be my long-time best friend and confess his love to me in the most dramatic way possible, I want a Ryan Gosling to kiss me madly in the rain. I want a high school sweetheart to dance with me under the stars.  I am a dork; a hopeless romantic, and I have a feeling my life will never be as dramatic, mushy, and epic as the love stories immortalized in film.  But, maybe an ordinary girl like me can find someone as charming as the characters we women love to watch over and over.

That's my L-word rant.  (There will probably be more in the future, just warning you.)

High school is over in twenty days.  Then real life begins.

Thought Vomit:
The inside of cactus is weird.
White Gummy Bear with Raspberry Jamba is the best thing on the planet
There are supposed to be spaces between each period in an ellipsis
Coldplay and the Beatles are my heroes
The inventor of Grooveshark should win a Nobel Peace Prize

That should be all.  So, dear readers, if you exist, thanks for putting up with my rants, you really do mean a lot to me. *insert sincere smile here*

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome Home

I am home.

Those are three words I never thought I would be so incredibly happy to say.  I missed my bed, I missed my blankie, I missed my stock pile of brown sugar oatmeal, I missed my kittens, and most of all I missed my "alone time."

I just spent roughly 168 hours with the same 24 people.  Granted, we were in one of the greatest cities in the world, and we saw a lot of dang cool stuff, but enough is enough.  I dedicate this gorgeous post to what I have learned from this past week.

Lesson #1: "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think"
     I have incredible inadequacy issues.  (They stem from being around geniuses every single day of my life.)  I was in Washington D.C. for the ultimate nerd convention.  I belong to a team who learns everything we can about government, writes papers about them, memorizes "fun" facts, and then willingly puts ourselves in front of Justices, Attorney (what's the plural of "attorney"? Leeches?), and other government officials to questions us about government.  It was figured out all the students that qualified to go collectively raised over 3 million dollars to do this.  Want to know something?  I won.  Well, my unit (there were five of us) won.  Want to know something else?  I was only in their unit for a total of six days before we won that beautiful trophy.  I didn't think I would be useful, I still don't think I did anything to help, and I feel incredibly guilty about being part of the winning group, but I learned I can't let it burrow into my heart and make me miserable.

Lesson #2: "To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world."
    I like being alone sometimes.  Rephrase, I HAVE to be alone sometimes.  If I don't get a chance to just be alone for a few minutes and sort out my thoughts and feelings I will snap at someone.  I was not alone for more than two minutes all week.  Now, me, being the cynical person I am, would now think something along the lines of "that's a lie, I bet so-and-so showered for longer than two minutes."  Yes, this is true.  However, my showers were not alone.  *sigh*  No, stop being a creep.  Our hotel room had four girls in it and a single mirror.  ONE MIRROR!  So, being concealed by the stark white shower curtain my roommates did their hair and make-up while I stood stark naked under the shower head.  I need privacy.

Lesson #3: "I can do hard things."
   Even writing this is hard.  I don't quite know who is going to be reading this blog (if anyone would even want to) and if some things should stay anonymous.  I learned I am not the person I thought I was on this trip.  I do not need a relationship to survive, heck! I don't even want one now. You have to learn relationships sometimes do not work out, and it's not necessarily because of you or the other person.  Sometimes the timing is just wrong.  Very wrong.  Jealousy is a funny thing, it entangles you in it's trap and drags you slowly down into it's deep, dark, scary pit of hatred.  (Look at that description, Like a Boss.)  I learned I can talk to people.  Specifically, I can tell a certain person exactly how I am feeling, and he can understand.

I love how certain things in your past make you rethink your entire future.  You crave to know what it would like to fall in love with a boy you have always thought to be a friend.  You have regrets, wishes, and fears, BUT everything will work out.  There will always be another day, another wish, and a friend to scare away your fears.  You will be happy.  You will have fun.  You can discover new things about yourself everyday.

You can be you.

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