Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Nightmare of the Week

Today has been insane.  Like really, really insane.  I had the weirdest nightmare last night, which really worries me because my dreams have the tenancy to come true.... Be prepared for the oddness my subconscious comes up with.

** So, it was Saturday (May 26), which is the day of Senior Ball, I wake up around ten a.m. all relaxed because I got to sleep in.  I got out of bed and headed over to weed this house (I get paid to do it, no worries).  After I weed, I take a delightful shower and get all clean (yeah... singing in the shower really did happen in my dream. I'm cool like that).

That's when I get a text from one of my friends asking me if I could help him go find his sister a dress, I look at the clock and figure I might as well because our day date didn't start until 3.  I help him, I looked at awesome dresses, and the dresses I saw made me like the one I'm wearing even more.

As I get home I start to panic because there is nobody to help me get my dress on (it has a tie-up back).  Right as I'm ready to walk to my friend's house (I've done it before) to have her tie it my mom gets home.  She's really, really, really mad.  I ask her if she can help me and she goes off on how she's too busy, blah, blah, blah.  Then she literally throws a different dress at me (with a zipper) and drives away.  I start bawling because I liked the dress I first had better, and I didn't want to have to change into a new one, but I didn't want to make my mom mad.

Right then, my date rings the doorbell.  As I open it to tell him I'd just be a second, he ask, "Where were you this morning when I came to pick you up."  WHAT?!  I just look at him and he says, "Did you forget we were going to have breakfast?"  My heart stopped right there.  Then inside I got quite mad because he did not tell me we were having breakfast, but I told him that in my broken-down, "oh my gosh really?" voice.  All he said was, "Yeah.."  hung his head and walked away.  I shut the door, sunk to the floor and just cried. In my pretty green dress.**

I woke up to realize it was 7:46.  I was late for school.  What a way to start out my day. Woot!

It was an awful dream.  If there are any shrinks out there who wish to interpret it for me that'd be much appreciated. Today my friend told me if there's no one home to tie up my dress I can go to her house.  I'm going to set four alarms too.

As for the rest of my day, It was really boring.  Very boring.  I sat at work for three hours and only made eight snow cones.... But I took pictures of my epic rainbow-snow cone creating skills.  Do enjoy.

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