Monday, May 14, 2012

Sometimes I Do Crazy Things

Okay.... I have a confession.  Sometimes I do crazy things for the people I love.  Below is a letter I wrote to Ellen DeGeneres.  Just read it and it will all make sense. :)

Hi Ellen! Let me just start off telling you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!! (I'm sure you hear that all the time though, but it's true.) Now, let me tell you why I am sending you this fantastic email.  I have a request, and it's not for myself, it's for my best friend in the whole wide world.
Her name is Madison Huber, and we have known each other since our sixth grade year at Cedar Ridge Elementary School in Hyde Park, Utah.  Madi has always been there for me through an extremely tough four years in high school, and I really want to show her how much I care by making her dream come true.  Madi is OBSESSED with One Direction.  It is ridiculous how much she loves them sometimes. Everyday I learn some new fact about them I will never need to know.  Her one dream in life is to be able to meet them, and I want to make that come true.  
She heard the boys are going to be on your show this summer and she has already emailed you pleading to be able to come on your show and meet them.  She doesn't know I'm emailing you too, and Ellen, I'm going to beg.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow Madi to meet them.  It would mean the world to me and, of course, Madison.
If there is anything else I can do to show you how important this is to me please let me know.  I will do ANYTHING.  Really, I will do anything.  Thank you so much Ellen! You're the greatest!
Lots of love!
Morgan Taylor

I'm sending her one every day until I get a response.  Count on it.  If you're one of those cool people out there send Ellen an email on behalf of Madi.  I'd love you all forever if you did.  Don't forget this is a secret.  *shhhhh!!!*

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