Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More of Life's Irony

I got a job!  Hooray!  No, it was not at Charlie's Ice Cream, I told the owner I was going to Snow and she did not hire me.  But, I got an even better job.  I'm working at the Snow Shack by Hastings.  Yup.  I'm supa cool.  Here's a little secret about me, I'm addicted to snow cones.  Like, worse than Lexie Chew's Diet Coke addiction.  I have had one of my delightful little treats at least once a day for the past two weeks; sometimes I have two.

But, don't worry, most of them are sugar-free, thus, mostly calorie free, so I can fit in to my gorgeous dress for Senior Ball.

Here's The Irony (notice the capitalization) of they day.

When I applied to the Snow Shack I met a very nice girl, she was super cute and actually helped me land my fabulous position as Snow Cone Creator Extraordinaire.  Her name is Hailey.  I worked with her Saturday night and we tried to figure out why in the world we looked so familiar to each other.  We couldn't figure it out.  BUUUUT. . . We found out why today!

Once upon a time, I was athletic, and skinny, and loved to run (gag).  Because of this strange disease, I joined the Logan Flyers Track Team and it was fun!  I did the long jump (and went to state twice, it was a big deal to the 11 and 12 year-old Morgan) and made a bunch of friends.

Today, I use to know from track came and got an Orange Cream size 8oz treat.  I mentioned her to Hailey and she was like "Really? I know her from track too! But, it's just from this little kids track team, the Logan Flyers.."

I was ready to DIE right there.  In a good way though.  I had an extremely good friend named Hailey on the team, who long-jumped with me.  Yeah.  Same girl.


We, being the girls we are, had a freak out in the building which involved copious amounts of screaming and jumping, I know the customers eating their Blue Hawaii with Cream think we are insane.  It's worth it thought.

I love these little twists in life.  They keep every day interesting and make me happy. *insert SMILEY face here*

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