Friday, May 11, 2012

Thought Vomit: on Romance

This entire week I have been thinking about what I should blog about, and every day I think of something totally epic, but I don't write about it. . . This is my thought vomit.  (I know it sounds incredibly delicious   and totally makes you want to read more.)

I haven't even introduced myself.  All my faithful followers out there (okay, Brock is probably the only one who ever reads this) let me tell you who I am.

I am Morgan, but the people who care about me call me Mo.  I am a natural blonde, 5 feet 5.3423434 inches tall, and I have these odd hazel eyes.  That's what people see on the outside.  Very few actually get to figure out "who I am" on the inside.  This blog is my way of kinda throwing myself out there.  Hello world!! These are my innermost (kinda censored) thoughts! Go ahead, read them, gossip about me, entertain yourself, do what ever your heart desires, I don't really care.  *insert bubbly, carefree, oober cheesy smile here*

Now that that's over with I can get on to the meat and potatoes of my word vomit.  (ooh this is just getting better) I'm a hopeless romantic. There, I said it.  Hello, my name is Morgan, *"Hello Morgan!"* and I have been romance free (in real life) for exactly nine days.  But. . . I gave into temptation and watched chick flicks all night. . . *head bow  in shame*

I'm kidding.  Sorta.  I don't know what "romance" is in real-life.  I'm pretty sure all the chick flicks I've watched have ruined me.  I want a Patrick Dempsey to dance with me to "So Close" at a ball in New York City, I want a Nick Roux to be my long-time best friend and confess his love to me in the most dramatic way possible, I want a Ryan Gosling to kiss me madly in the rain. I want a high school sweetheart to dance with me under the stars.  I am a dork; a hopeless romantic, and I have a feeling my life will never be as dramatic, mushy, and epic as the love stories immortalized in film.  But, maybe an ordinary girl like me can find someone as charming as the characters we women love to watch over and over.

That's my L-word rant.  (There will probably be more in the future, just warning you.)

High school is over in twenty days.  Then real life begins.

Thought Vomit:
The inside of cactus is weird.
White Gummy Bear with Raspberry Jamba is the best thing on the planet
There are supposed to be spaces between each period in an ellipsis
Coldplay and the Beatles are my heroes
The inventor of Grooveshark should win a Nobel Peace Prize

That should be all.  So, dear readers, if you exist, thanks for putting up with my rants, you really do mean a lot to me. *insert sincere smile here*

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