Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet Nikko!

This is Nikko.  I love him.   Not in a "let's get married way" because we think dating is icky.  Who wants to get married these days?  Eww.  Give me 3 years.  But anyways.

This is Nikko.  He is my duo partner in debate and stalks me because we have three classes together.  Sometimes he's my hero because he brings me dinner and watches chick flicks on veg nights.  (Wednesdays are veg nights because I survive so much school that day.) 

He brought me soup.  Delicious soup.  That he made all by himself.  So, I was impressed.  

Now, I get to relax until 12:30-4.  Ah, glorious Thursdays.  I'm watching Matilda, eatin' some Cheerios, and studying for anatomy.  I thought ya'll might want to know that.

Dear Fox Sweater,
I love you. And think
about how adorable you
are every single day.

Dear Cadavers,
I was intrigued when
I walked into the lab
and saw boxes labeled,
"brains." 20 minutes later
when I realized the black
bags were oddly shaped
like bodies, I wasn't so
intrigued. In fact, I
wanted to be sick.
You're gross.

Dear Dr. G,
Please don't make me
work with cadavers
every Wednesday.
That's gross.
p.s. I might

Dear Mo,
You're insane.
Why would you want
to do a job that requires
you to play with dead
Oh yeah, 'cause you
secretly like it.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Dear Fox Sweater,
I loff you.  You make
me smile.  Even if I'm
just using you to hide
what I'm actually wearing
to my cross-dressing

Dear Transfer Boy,
you're funny.  I liked when
we were discussing how you
mimic people you like's body
language and then started
crossing your legs and arms
like I was.  You're silly.

Dear Anatomy Friend,
Thank you.  You're my hero.
We shall be friends.

Dear Debate,
why am I cross dressing
for you?

Dear Readers,
ignore my unsusal
plump-ness around
the sweater area.
I have more clothes on

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dear. . .

Dear Cute RM in Bio,
You're a jerk.  Officially.
When a girl says, "hi" you say "hi back."
When she asks you a question,
you answer, then you ask her a question.
You do not assume you are
so much better than that girl
just because you're "older."
Obviously you are NOT
more mature.

Dear Storm,
You were really pretty at first.
But, after you started raining,
I realized I should get new windshield
wipers.  Thanks for the learning

Dear Boy Friend Has Crush On,
You seem nice.  But you should
get to know other girls.  She's
nice.  But you shouldn't spend all
your time on her.  Some of us would
like to be your friend too.

Dear Snow College Students,
Give me a chance?  I'd really
like to be friends with some of you.
Really. Lets chat and get to know
each other. Okay? It's a date.

Dear Procrastination,
You aren't going to be coming
around very much this year.
I have a lot to prove to myself.
So, we're over. Sorry.  Not.

Webcam Fail

(You can expect to experience heart-wrenching moments that try your faith, your endurance and your patience. -Sheri Dew)

This is my new toy.  It's a chalkboard.  I made it.  The picture is fuzzy.  I was too lazy to go dig out my camera.  So, this is my webcam picture fail.  Every week it's going to get a new quote that applies to my life in some shape or form.  Yup.  Hope ya'll had a good weekend!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A 7am Update

I'm insane.  Really.  Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to try out for the debate team. That means I had to re-memorize my 10 minute speech by 11 am this morning.  It also means my heart is beating at a ridiculous rate. Gah.  The things I get myself into.

There is one spot on the team, and I am not the only one trying out.  So, wish me luck.  But if I don't make it that means I'll have a nice, relaxing semester.  No pressures or anything.  I'll  let you know how it goes. :D


Monday, August 20, 2012

Imagine Dragons Here We Come!

shirt: Kaylie's Closet short: Gap shoes: TOMS
shirt: my closet (TJ Maxx) scarf: my closet (H&M) shorts: Aero shoes: Marshall's

We're in college!! This is Kailey.  She's my new college best friend.  And she's from Georgia.  Crazy huh?!  

Guess what we did today?? WE BOUGHT CONCERT TICKETS?!  I know.  We are real college students now.  It's on September 29 (a Saturday so we are not skipping class, don't worry) in SLC.  Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, Group Love, AWOLnation are all playing.  Isn't that one of the greatest line ups ever?  To make it better. . . We bought tickets in the pit! Maybe one of them will sweat on us! YESS!!!  

If you don't understand how beautiful this is look up the Kailey and Mo playlist on my Grooveshark.  Then you'll understand. 


p.s. we'r'e fun.  Check out her Tumblr Here  She's making me make one too. Be prepared.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hello from Snow!

Yes. I color coordinated my closet. What did you expect?

My scarf/hat rack. 

Melvin found a home by my sink. 

BED!!! My mom and Gramsie made the chevron striped quilt and my Gramsie made my white blankies. 

My bathroom shelves. I get 3!

My big, comfy couch. 


Goodbyes. . .

I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came and said goodbye to me.  You're all amazing and I'm going to miss you so, so much.

More pictures to come. I love you guys!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sushi Date

He (Mark) made me eat

 this stuff, 
 which looks very pretty
 but did not taste as good as it looked;
and some of it was just boggling. 

I Finally Have a Celeb Crush

top: J. Crew skirt: Old Navy necklace: Buckle bag: Fossil

I can't wait to find a photographer who will get off their lazy butt and walk outside to take a picture.  Just sayin'.  

Today was one of the few days I actually got to wear cute clothes! I didn't have to juggle two jobs in one day.   It was refreshing.

I'm almost packed.  I just have to clean up all the odds and ends and I should be all set for Saturday morning! Honestly, the fact I'm moving hasn't hit me yet. Yeah, I've been freaking out about it, but I'm waiting for the semi-truck of enlightenment to remind me I'm leaving Cache Valley forever.  I may never live here again.   (That's probably false, but hey, who knows!)

Tomorrow is my last day working.  This summer has been amazing and I have absolutely adored working with all my new friends. Leaving will be bittersweet. 

Oh, do you love my side braid? I do!  Basically just because my hair is finally long enough to do a braid! I am so cool.  

Signing off!  But I'll just give you something delicious to look at until next time.
yummm. Go watch Make It or Break It now.

Monday, August 13, 2012

How We Pack It.

I work every day this week except Friday.  But on Friday I'm going to Lagoon in the morning and then having a party that night, so I have to get everything packed tonight.  Chandler is the world's biggest packing distraction.

When we first started he searched my room for food and then insisted upon midnight snacks.  Seriously? The jar of peanut butter and 6 pack of diet Dr. Pepper wasn't enough for him?! So we got snacks.  I quietly ate my half sandwich while he made a monster double turkey/cheese sandwich.  So gross. THEN HE LEFT THE CRUST IN MY ROOM!!
See. The crust.

As we got back to my room, ready to work, the happy little alert on my computer went off.  Eric was on Skype.  And Chandler insisted on talking to him. They're weird.

[8/12/2012 11:48:59 PM] Morgan: oh a werewolf came and ate my prized chicken thjat lays bronze eggs then they hatch into small chickens than i eat those chickens with mayo mustard bread and sharp cheddar cheese
[8/12/2012 11:52:38 PM] Eric : Ah, got it. So you like pretty much every boy she likes?
[8/12/2012 11:53:14 PM] Morgan: pasta roni
[8/12/2012 11:53:33 PM] Morgan: well chandler is pretyy sexy
[8/12/2012 11:53:41 PM] Morgan : oh and chandler is attractive
[8/12/2012 11:53:41 PM] Eric : My goodness boy. What's wrong with you?

Keep in mind "Morgan" is actually Chandler.  Eric was trying to see if he approved of any boys I like.  Weirdos.

Then Chandler complained about my music.  Again.  For some odd reason he has terrible taste in music.  Who would ever pick Linkin Park over Joshua Radin?! I have created the best playlist ever.  If you have a Grooveshark look me up! My email is, follow my "Back to School" list and be amazed.  Or, if you're lame, the Snow Patrol station on Pandora is pretty much all I'd ever listen to.  Look it up.

But my favorite was when he was looking at my Skype contacts and looked at me and asked, "Hey, who's Echo?"

Lets just say I got no packing at all done.

And he wore my sunglasses.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Final Countdown

Wedding Cake with Coconut and Cream. Best. Snow. Cone. Ever.

Avery. Pink Lemon Sour and Cream. (I think that's disgusting.)

She's a mess.


This week is going to be a disaster. Mostly because I'm an emotional wreck.

Last night I started packing for my move.  I feel like I did this four months ago. . . Oh wait, I did.  I'm becoming a pro at putting my life into a box, but I'm not quite pro at controlling my emotions.  When my family moved in April I was excited.  A new house, a new room, a new church ward, and all my friends stayed the same.  It's not quite the same this time around.  I'm moving to an apartment. I'm sharing a room for the first time with a stranger.  I'll have a new ward (the fourth one I've been in this year). There will be new classes.  New strangers.  Everyone will be a stranger, I'll be a stranger.  That terrifies me.

I packed my first box last night.  It was my closet. (Well, part of it.  There's no way I'd be able to fit all my clothes in one box.)  I bawled.  Seriously! Who cries over clothes?!  Apparently I do.  And it's not because I'm super worried my precious clothing children are going to be damaged on the way to Snow.  That's ridiculous.  It's because I'm a sap.  To me clothes aren't just pieces of fabric, they're like mini memories.  I bought this scarf in New York for debate, I wore this when I first hung out with so and so, I wore this when I did this or that.  (I sound insane.)

I'm going to start a list of things I've found I thought I lost eventually.  I have found a lot of things.  (And of course I start crying when I find them.)

You'd think I was pregnant or something with how emotional I am. It's dumb.  (I am not pregnant.  Don't worry.)

Okay, enough about my ridiculous-ness.

Did you watch the meteor shower last night??  It was absolutely incredible! (I cried, but I was just hung over from the packing/leaving people drama.)  I sat on the 5th green of the golf course with my little blanket and watched the sky for hours.  Fun fact: I love the stars.  I love the sky, I love anything that has to do with astronomy, even though I'm not a super freak about it. This was breath-taking.  I sat there and watched a meteor fall and break in two and burn up.  It was red, and you could see the flames, and I pretty much died right there. So cool.

Besides packing yesterday, I was on Pinterest for a good 3 hours, maybe 4.  That website is so addicting!  You'd never guess what I looked at though. *cringe*  Wedding crap.  Yes, crap.  My mother is a wedding planner, I've lived and breathed weddings since the 6th grade. Naturally, I hate them.  And I hate all the people who tell me I'm going to get married within the year.  Not going to happen.  Boys scare me.  Especially ones I haven't known since the 8th grade.

So I decided.
I can't get married until my hair is at least this long.  Sounds like a good plan, yes?
My dress will be like this. (With a higher v of course.)
These will be my flowers. (They're my favorie! Peonies and Anemones)
This will be my ring.  It's okay if it's smaller, I'm not picky.

And, of course I will have suede shoes.

Help. Me. Just looking at these pictures makes me sick. No more weddings or Pinterest for me. 

Well.  I should go spend my last Sunday with Chandler.  We always watch Disney movies or play Netflix Roulette.  (I'll explain that later.)  6 Days until I'm at Snow!

(p.s. Snow, xoxo, mo, hehe it's all rhymes!)
(p.s.s. I've broken every single one of these packing rules. Gah!)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Worky Work

I've been in bed sick all day. . . Wishing I was wearing cute clothes and standing outside in the sun.  But I'm not.  So here's to wishful thinking!

I killed a tiger.

Then I got blood on my hands. . . 

So I cleaned up the evidence. 

But accidentally left footprints everywhere. 

Once upon a time Josh, Jess, and I played truth or dare.

Jessica made me drink this.  I puke every time I look, think, or smell this waxy ick.

My cup at work. I chevron striped the sides. So cute. 

What I look at for 8 hours a day. 

The  wild Tanner roaming the office.

He's ready to strike at any moment.

Jen got a little chocolate happy. . . 


Cucumber shake.  It was Josh's idea.

But he's too shy to actually take a picture with it. 

Tiger Blood water. Yum. 

Welcome to my life.  I've been laying in bed all day.  It's terrible and wonderful at the same time. I like being able to relax, but being sick suuucks.  And I need the money I'm supposed to be making right now.  Dumb germs.  Chances are you'll hear from me again later today when I get bored.

P.S. Read This it made me feel better about a lot of things.  Well, if you're a girl it applies more, but it's still good for everyone. :)
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