Monday, August 20, 2012

Imagine Dragons Here We Come!

shirt: Kaylie's Closet short: Gap shoes: TOMS
shirt: my closet (TJ Maxx) scarf: my closet (H&M) shorts: Aero shoes: Marshall's

We're in college!! This is Kailey.  She's my new college best friend.  And she's from Georgia.  Crazy huh?!  

Guess what we did today?? WE BOUGHT CONCERT TICKETS?!  I know.  We are real college students now.  It's on September 29 (a Saturday so we are not skipping class, don't worry) in SLC.  Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, Group Love, AWOLnation are all playing.  Isn't that one of the greatest line ups ever?  To make it better. . . We bought tickets in the pit! Maybe one of them will sweat on us! YESS!!!  

If you don't understand how beautiful this is look up the Kailey and Mo playlist on my Grooveshark.  Then you'll understand. 


p.s. we'r'e fun.  Check out her Tumblr Here  She's making me make one too. Be prepared.

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