Saturday, August 11, 2012

Worky Work

I've been in bed sick all day. . . Wishing I was wearing cute clothes and standing outside in the sun.  But I'm not.  So here's to wishful thinking!

I killed a tiger.

Then I got blood on my hands. . . 

So I cleaned up the evidence. 

But accidentally left footprints everywhere. 

Once upon a time Josh, Jess, and I played truth or dare.

Jessica made me drink this.  I puke every time I look, think, or smell this waxy ick.

My cup at work. I chevron striped the sides. So cute. 

What I look at for 8 hours a day. 

The  wild Tanner roaming the office.

He's ready to strike at any moment.

Jen got a little chocolate happy. . . 


Cucumber shake.  It was Josh's idea.

But he's too shy to actually take a picture with it. 

Tiger Blood water. Yum. 

Welcome to my life.  I've been laying in bed all day.  It's terrible and wonderful at the same time. I like being able to relax, but being sick suuucks.  And I need the money I'm supposed to be making right now.  Dumb germs.  Chances are you'll hear from me again later today when I get bored.

P.S. Read This it made me feel better about a lot of things.  Well, if you're a girl it applies more, but it's still good for everyone. :)

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