Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Finally Have a Celeb Crush

top: J. Crew skirt: Old Navy necklace: Buckle bag: Fossil

I can't wait to find a photographer who will get off their lazy butt and walk outside to take a picture.  Just sayin'.  

Today was one of the few days I actually got to wear cute clothes! I didn't have to juggle two jobs in one day.   It was refreshing.

I'm almost packed.  I just have to clean up all the odds and ends and I should be all set for Saturday morning! Honestly, the fact I'm moving hasn't hit me yet. Yeah, I've been freaking out about it, but I'm waiting for the semi-truck of enlightenment to remind me I'm leaving Cache Valley forever.  I may never live here again.   (That's probably false, but hey, who knows!)

Tomorrow is my last day working.  This summer has been amazing and I have absolutely adored working with all my new friends. Leaving will be bittersweet. 

Oh, do you love my side braid? I do!  Basically just because my hair is finally long enough to do a braid! I am so cool.  

Signing off!  But I'll just give you something delicious to look at until next time.
yummm. Go watch Make It or Break It now.

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