Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet Nikko!

This is Nikko.  I love him.   Not in a "let's get married way" because we think dating is icky.  Who wants to get married these days?  Eww.  Give me 3 years.  But anyways.

This is Nikko.  He is my duo partner in debate and stalks me because we have three classes together.  Sometimes he's my hero because he brings me dinner and watches chick flicks on veg nights.  (Wednesdays are veg nights because I survive so much school that day.) 

He brought me soup.  Delicious soup.  That he made all by himself.  So, I was impressed.  

Now, I get to relax until 12:30-4.  Ah, glorious Thursdays.  I'm watching Matilda, eatin' some Cheerios, and studying for anatomy.  I thought ya'll might want to know that.

Dear Fox Sweater,
I love you. And think
about how adorable you
are every single day.

Dear Cadavers,
I was intrigued when
I walked into the lab
and saw boxes labeled,
"brains." 20 minutes later
when I realized the black
bags were oddly shaped
like bodies, I wasn't so
intrigued. In fact, I
wanted to be sick.
You're gross.

Dear Dr. G,
Please don't make me
work with cadavers
every Wednesday.
That's gross.
p.s. I might

Dear Mo,
You're insane.
Why would you want
to do a job that requires
you to play with dead
Oh yeah, 'cause you
secretly like it.

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