Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Final Countdown

Wedding Cake with Coconut and Cream. Best. Snow. Cone. Ever.

Avery. Pink Lemon Sour and Cream. (I think that's disgusting.)

She's a mess.


This week is going to be a disaster. Mostly because I'm an emotional wreck.

Last night I started packing for my move.  I feel like I did this four months ago. . . Oh wait, I did.  I'm becoming a pro at putting my life into a box, but I'm not quite pro at controlling my emotions.  When my family moved in April I was excited.  A new house, a new room, a new church ward, and all my friends stayed the same.  It's not quite the same this time around.  I'm moving to an apartment. I'm sharing a room for the first time with a stranger.  I'll have a new ward (the fourth one I've been in this year). There will be new classes.  New strangers.  Everyone will be a stranger, I'll be a stranger.  That terrifies me.

I packed my first box last night.  It was my closet. (Well, part of it.  There's no way I'd be able to fit all my clothes in one box.)  I bawled.  Seriously! Who cries over clothes?!  Apparently I do.  And it's not because I'm super worried my precious clothing children are going to be damaged on the way to Snow.  That's ridiculous.  It's because I'm a sap.  To me clothes aren't just pieces of fabric, they're like mini memories.  I bought this scarf in New York for debate, I wore this when I first hung out with so and so, I wore this when I did this or that.  (I sound insane.)

I'm going to start a list of things I've found I thought I lost eventually.  I have found a lot of things.  (And of course I start crying when I find them.)

You'd think I was pregnant or something with how emotional I am. It's dumb.  (I am not pregnant.  Don't worry.)

Okay, enough about my ridiculous-ness.

Did you watch the meteor shower last night??  It was absolutely incredible! (I cried, but I was just hung over from the packing/leaving people drama.)  I sat on the 5th green of the golf course with my little blanket and watched the sky for hours.  Fun fact: I love the stars.  I love the sky, I love anything that has to do with astronomy, even though I'm not a super freak about it. This was breath-taking.  I sat there and watched a meteor fall and break in two and burn up.  It was red, and you could see the flames, and I pretty much died right there. So cool.

Besides packing yesterday, I was on Pinterest for a good 3 hours, maybe 4.  That website is so addicting!  You'd never guess what I looked at though. *cringe*  Wedding crap.  Yes, crap.  My mother is a wedding planner, I've lived and breathed weddings since the 6th grade. Naturally, I hate them.  And I hate all the people who tell me I'm going to get married within the year.  Not going to happen.  Boys scare me.  Especially ones I haven't known since the 8th grade.

So I decided.
I can't get married until my hair is at least this long.  Sounds like a good plan, yes?
My dress will be like this. (With a higher v of course.)
These will be my flowers. (They're my favorie! Peonies and Anemones)
This will be my ring.  It's okay if it's smaller, I'm not picky.

And, of course I will have suede shoes.

Help. Me. Just looking at these pictures makes me sick. No more weddings or Pinterest for me. 

Well.  I should go spend my last Sunday with Chandler.  We always watch Disney movies or play Netflix Roulette.  (I'll explain that later.)  6 Days until I'm at Snow!

(p.s. Snow, xoxo, mo, hehe it's all rhymes!)
(p.s.s. I've broken every single one of these packing rules. Gah!)

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