Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Sonic Adventure

**DISCLAIMER:  It is currently 12:39 pm.  I'm exhausted.  I apologize in advance for any horrendous grammar, spelling, or just strange writing**

I'm done with high school!! Or, at least the learning stuff, I still have to wait until next Thursday to be completely "official."  It seems like every day leading up to the last one just gets better and better.  Tonight, for example, was the best night of my life so far.

Kendra and I crashed the Passing of the Torch.  We didn't wear our graduation robes... Oopise.  It was actually incredibly fun.  We got to march up to the field, in the dark, with our nifty candle holders, surrounded by all the seniors.  I'm so so glad we went.

After all the mushy stuff, Kendra and I kidnapped Tyrel and Max and headed to Sonic.  We were awful.  It was HILARIOUS.  Here, this is what went down:
   MO:  "I have a question."
   Sonic: "Okay?"
   Mo: "Can you do four separate tickets?"
   Sonic: "Sure thing!"
   Mo: "Awesome!  Okay, on the first one we want... Um... Wait a second."
   Sonic: "Okay, just push the button when you are ready."
   Pushes button 3 minutes later
   Mo: "Are your shakes half-priced right now?"
   Sonic: "Yes they are."
   Mo: "Oh, Okay!  What's your favorite kind?"
   Sonic: " The Hot Fudge is really good, and so is the Banana."
   Mo: "Hot Fudge? Gross.  What's the most popular?"
   Sonic: "Hot Fudge and Strawberry-Banana and Caramel"
   Mo: "What's in the caramel one?"
   Sonic: " Ice cream, milk and caramel."
   Mo: "That's it?"
   Sonic: "Yup."
   Mo: "Hmmm.... Are your blasts half-priced too?"
   Sonic: "No, they aren't."
   Mo: "Oh. Why not?"
   Sonic: "It costs more money to make with all the ingredients."
   Mo: "Okay, we're going to think."
   Sonic: "Just push the button when you are ready."
   Tyrel: "So, I heard you guys have daily specials."
   Sonic: "We do, Today is is *something*  but we ran out of it so it's *something*."
   Tyrel:  "Is the *new something* better than the *old something.*
   Sonic: "They're both good."
   Tyrel: "Okay, I think we are going to get 5 shakes."
   Sonic: "Okay, what flavors?"
   Tyrel: "What flavors do you have?"
   Sonic: *Spouts off a list of flavors*
   Tyrel: "I didn't hear you, can you repeat that?"
   Sonic: *Spouts off the list much, much slower*
   Tyrel: "I still can't hear you over the music, can you have someone come out and help   us?"
   Sonic: *New Voice*  "We're going to have to have you come to the drive-thru."

It was hilarious!  Kendra and Max were in the backseat trying not to die laughing.

After our Sonic adventure we saran-wrapped cars,  ran around the football field, and had a parking lot dance.  I love my friends.  I'm really, really going to miss them.

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