Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Because of Him

This week was Thanksgiving.  I sat there and reflected on the things I am thankful for.  I wrote 4 pages of things. (On collage ruled paper of course!)

I am grateful to be a missionary.  I am grateful to serve in French Polynesia.
I am grateful for my family.  I am grateful for the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

As I was giving another fireside, (I gave four firesides this weekend.  We did A LOT of driving.) I sat there and I realized something.  I am grateful for the Atonement of Christ, I was already thankful for that.  BUT  because he died for us we can be baptized.  If we are baptized, we can be sealed to our family.  Yes.  I have always known that was a blessing.  I can be sealed one day to my future husband.  But, because of my accident, I look at life a lot differently. 

I am grateful families can be sealed because I cannot imagine living without my little brother.  He is my best friend.  I cannot imagine a life without my sisters.  They are the best thing that has happened to me.  I am grateful for my family. 

I am grateful I can go to the temple one day, so my future children, will never have to worry if they will see their best friends, their siblings, after this life.  They will not have to worry about wether they will see their parents after this life. 

This is all possible because our brother, Jesus Christ, died for us.  Because of him we can have an eternal family.  Because of him the Priesthood exists.  Because of him, I am happy. 

I love you!

Soeur Mo

Now, watch my favourite Video, "Because of Him."  I show it at the end of each of my firesides. 

Other Photos Morgan sent this week...
With some other Missionaries!

Elder Hansen from right here in Smithfield, Utah.  They were in the same 4th grade class

It looks like Nerf guns are popular with the kids in Tahiti too right now!

At one of four firesides she did this weekend

Morgan and Sr. Anzi

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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