Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Land of Sun and Surf

I really wish our ward parties would look like this. . . Because when we have ward parties on the beach "Soeur Mo" (yeah, that's what everyone calls me) gets to play "Follow Mo" with all the little kids.  Follow Soeur Mo looks a bit like this:

We did the beach dance together.  I had way too much fun.  Granted I couldn't go surfing, but that didn't stop the members from trying really hard to get me into the water.  BUT! I did follow the mission rule and I only went in up to my knees.
I also took a much needed nap on the beach.  I got a bit a sun. One day I won't be completely pasty white.
This week is McCall's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAZY CHICKEN! It is also Soeur Anzi's birthday so I made a speculoos cheesecake.  We, in the United States, miss out on some of the greatest food ever.  I love speculoos.  It's a bit like gingerbread, but a million times better.  I used the cookies to make a cheesecake!
So, this is where I almost died.  As I was making the cheesecake I asked my dear companion to go turn on the oven so it can warm up.  She went and "turned" it on.  I asked if is she lit it with a match.  Nope.  I went over, turned off the gas to let it air out so I could actually light it and went back to stirring my cheesecake.

I told Soeur Anzi to turn on the gas a bit and light a match.  I went to demonstrate how to light the oven and BOOM.  Yes. . . We had a slight explosion in our house.  I no longer have hair on my right forearm/hand.  Soeur Anzi started screaming and I sat there laughing.  I probably should not have been laughing, we almost dies, but it was so funny.  That's always my first reaction, to laugh.  Of course this would happen to me.  It was funny.
Do you like my shades?  I've been wearing them 24/7 because guess what? The Chikungunya affects the eyes too!  My poor eyes are much better now, don't worry.  I'm not even wearing my shades today.
I have something important to tell all of you. . .
I'll be home in 23 days.
Don't do anything crazy like this, at least not until I'm home and can do it with you...
I was so tempted to jump in with them.  It looked so fun. . . But I restrained myself.  When I come back on vacation I will be coming to this tree.
This is my Christmas Present.  I SAW SOEUR MOLI!!! I haven't seen her since our accident.  I played a pretty mean trick.  I was invited to go to a christmas program in Punaauia so I sent Sr Moli a text asking her if she was going.  She said yes and asked if I was.  I told her I didn't think so because I have an eye infection.  Let's just say, she was not very pleased with me when I showed up and surprised her. We sat there hugging and crying. 
I love you all!!  Have a fantastic Christmas! Hug someone you love!! Watch this! Yes, click me. :) 






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