Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Because of Love.....

I would like to start of this letter in giant capital letters,


Why?  Well, so there is an island I have always wanted to serve on called Maupiti.  The missionaries and members would like me to go there and do a fireside.  I asked President last week if there was anyway I could go.  And, He told me I could go if I find a way to pay for my ticket.  So, insert the "Fund to Send Soeur Taylor to Maupiti" fundraiser here.  It is about 300 dollars, but I will accomplish this lifelong goal. .....Editors note:)  The "Fund to Send Soeur Taylor to Maupiti" was quickly met and she will be going the end of November:).....

Also, meet my new companion...For this week.
I LOVE HER TO DEATH.  Her name is Soeur Anzi, she was born in Africa, but lives in Paris now.  She is basically my twin, and we do crazy good work together.  Yesterday in 3 hours we did more work than what I have done in one week my whole second half of my mission.  It is safe to say, I am very happy. We also go running in the mornings.  We run to the cemetery. 

Also, I GOT A LETTER!  I cannot explain how happy mail makes me. 

And I played with Kids.  Children are attracted to me. We have fun together. 

We also go our car back, no worries.  Because the accident wasn't my fault I am allowed to drive again.  Life is good. 

What did I learn this week?  Love.  Love is important.  That should be our only motive.  Why do something to hurt/annoy someone?  We do everything because we love it.  Why do we work?  Well, so I can pay for school.  Why go to school?  Because I want to learn.  I love learning.  Also, so I can get a good job later on in life.  Why is it important to have a good job?  So I can help pay for the things my family needs.  Why do that? Because I love my family.  Therefore, I am working because of Love.

​(Quick!  my lovely sisters, hold your breath! I'm in a cemetery!) ......Editors Note, again:) Morgans sisters always made her hold her breath when they ever drove by a cemetery:)  The girlies like this photo!!

God loves us.  He gives us everything because he loves us.  I sit here sometimes and think, do I love my  neighbors?  Do I show my love for them?  Hey, here I love complete strangers.  In fact, I love them to the point I go to the hospital multiple times a week and talk to the patients. 

The very first person I spoke to in the hospital a few weeks ago was a member.  She was the first lady to ask for me to come see her.  I am very close with her family.  I went and saw her Saturday night, we had a good chat and laughed a bit.  She told me she was going to be at the airport when I leave to go home. I told her I would be back to see her at 5pm on Sunday.  My dear friend, "V" passed away at 4pm yesterday.  I miss her.  Death is an odd thing.  We think of it as a bad thing, but it is a wonderful thing.  It should be joyus.  She is leaving this world, she no longer has her cancer, and she is back with God.  We are sad because we miss her.  We are sad because we are not with her.  We are sad because we love her. But I am also happy she is now able to be free from this terrible disease called cancer, but I am sad because I cannot see her. Because I was one hour too late to say goodbye one last time. 

Last night we went with the Elders in our zone. They had a nice taste of my life.  My experience is incredible.  I walk into a room, it does not matter if it is a room of a member or not, and the patient sees me and starts crying.  They tell the Elders, "Thank you for bringing Soeur Taylor to see me.  I think about her and her story everyday.  She gives me hope."  *okay, i'm crying as I type this*

​(We make silly faces) 

I give people hope.  I am so blessed to be able to do that.  I love the people of Tahiti. I love my mission.  I love my companion Soeur Anzi.  I am here because of love.  I am here to be an example to my future children.  Because I love my mission.  Because I love this gospel.  Because I love my savior, my brother Jesus Christ. 

I am here because of Love. 

Soeur Mo
Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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