Wednesday, October 22, 2014

La Vie Est Belle

Hello World.
This has been an interesting week. 

We got in a car crash. But don't worry, the doctor said my skin may go back to normal in a couple of years. 

The car crash...  In the lovely roundabout.  The car on the inside lane made an illegal lane change/exit without signalling and was about to t-bone us.  I swerved as far as I safely could, so only the front of the car was mangled.  It's safe to say, I never want to see cars again in my life.

As for my skin...  Since I have been back here these strange brown spots are appearing all over my hands and arms and are not going away.  I showed Soeur Warner (My mission mother and the nurse) and she took me to see the doctor.  What are the brown spots?  Well....

Apparently I am allergic to a specific pollen that burns my skin.  Then, once the burns get UV from the sun they are tattooed brown.  Yes.  I am getting tattooed on my mission.  I feel pretty cool. Basically living in a hospital for multiple months means your body is not very happy when strange substances come in contact with your skin.  No, there's no clue as to what kind of pollen.  No, I don't even touch flowers. 

I had to throw that first line in there, it was too good to resist.
In my zone, I am the only Sister from the United States in it. Crazy!

Yesterday we had a zone meeting with Elder Gifford Nielsen of the first quorum of the 70. (yes, the NFL Quarterback)  It was incredible.  We also saw a Studio-C worthy "sketch" of President Bize and Elder Nielsen.  They were pretending they were in a Companionship Inventory.  That's basically when you sit down and you're supposed to discuss the strengths of your companion and then how you two can work better together.  (Usually it's just a "I hate that you do this and this")  Best. Presentation. Ever! 

I just want to throw out there that I have the most beautiful non-Maraa area on the island of Tahiti. 

I realized I have been forgetting to tell you what I learned each week! Silly me!  Well, this is what I learned this week, or more on what I contemplated.

We have the freedom to choose how we feel.  That is the first blessing (aside from our body) God gave us.  Free agency.  He told Adam and Eve they were free to choose.  We are also free to choose.  We can choose to have liberty and joy.  Nobody can force you to feel miserable.  It is yourself who decides you're a) sad b) upset c) miserable.  

We are in prisons of our own devices. 
In the mission we have certain aspects we need to focus on.  
Our PHYSICAL WELL-BEING: (Work outs I can do in a 4x4 square balcony are appreciated). Are we Wise? Are we reading from the best books? (you better not be reading the garbage of the world of literature.)  
Our MENTAL WELL-BEING:  Are you happy?  If not, CHANGE THAT.  You can change that.  What are you missing in order to be happy? 
Be in FAVOR WITH MAN. Are you SOCIAL?: Be happy!  We need human interaction to reach our full potential.  Talking to people makes everyone happy.  That's why sitting in a white, padded room all by yourself is an extreme punishment. 
and the most important ones,
LOVE YOURSELF: Be in balance with yourself.  Don't like something?  Fix it. Remember, we have the power to so. 
Be in FAVOR WITH GOD:  Follow the commandments EXACTLY.  Yeah, I can go have a sip of beer with a friend that won't do anything.  Um, wrong.  It does an incredible about of bad.  It chases the spirit away, you lose the trust of God.  I cannot think of anything worse than losing the trust of my all-knowing, all-powerful Father.

When we are in balance with all of these areas.  Life moves on. More than that, Life works.  Life is beautiful.  

I am going to make sure all five of these areas have the same strength this week, I want to be happy.  This is the key to true happiness.  The happiness that lasts an eternity. 

​And little kids.  They always make everyone Happier. 

Thank you for all the love emails you have sent me.  Letters are appreciated!  I've been here two months without mail. . . 

Love you!!

Soeur Mo
Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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  1. A car crash is not so small, as for us not to raise our worry for you. I'm happy that you are doing okay, but I do hope you won't have to go through aything similar ever again. I also hope that your skin gets better in time. Thank you for sharing those insights! We must always remember to live life to the fullest, or we will certainly be a prisoner of our own devices. All the best to you! :)

    Roman Barnes @ Johnson & Johnson Law Firm


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