Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 3rd of July!!

I sat on the roof a car today.  (It doesn't even matter if it was a mini van)  I am so cool.

Imagine one of those horribly cheesey romance movies where the couple is laying on a blanket, carefully spread across the roof of the car.  The boy has his arm wrapped tight around his lover's waist and she contently grasps for his hand.  All this is happening while the mango colored sun (yeah, that's right, MANGO) sets beneath the picturesque mountains, spraying the sky with shades of plum, grapefruit, and strawberry (I'm on a fruit kick).

That. . . Was not how my night was. There was no blanket.  No sunset.  No lover. No plum/grapefruit/mango in sight (but there were some strawberries). I know, I'm sorry, I'm a closet romantic and such, but our location was not quite ideal, and my guest was not quite the hand grasping, waist wrapping type.  He has other women on his mind.

I'm so funny.

But really.  I had tons of fun tonight.  It was super refreshing.  Eric picked me up for another Sonic chat. (Our favorite!) The chat tonight was unique.  Logan has their annual firework extravaganza on the 3rd of July every year.  I guess they think we'll all be too busy with our cutesy family barbecues (complete with matching shirts and name tags) to watch fireworks on the actual holiday.  Go figure.

So we watched the fireworks.   (That's why it was unique.)

In the movie theater parking lot.  On the roof.  It was my first time on the roof of a car.  Ah.  I'm pretty adventurous.

It's really nice to have someone just to dump everything on, even though I feel completely guilty dumping everything on him. He's my personal Dr. Phil.  I'm glad he's my friend.

I found a job at Snow.  Actually I found an entire board full of jobs.  There's one perfect for me!

It pays 11 dollars an hour.

You work from 2:30-5:30.

The interaction between you and other students is so close and personal.

It's a great confidence booster!

Ready for it?...


Not really.  I was quite disturbed when I saw that.  But it's hilarious in it's own very creepy way.  By the way, the "half-draped" models only make 7.25 an hour. 

I do have an announcement, but I have to do two things before I can tell you all about it.  I have to find a name and a gift.  That's all I'm going to say.  Guess until your heart's content!

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