Monday, July 23, 2012

The Funeral Going Cowgirl

Apparently I look like a cowgirl going to a funeral.  Bah.  If that's so, cowgirls look awesome when they go to funerals.  I like it.

This is one of those ooober rare days where I get to wear real clothes!  *GASP*  Usually I'm working all day and am in my icky Malt Shop shirt or just a t-shirt and shorts.  I can be fashionable when I have time.  

I'm debating about when I should buy my new version of Photoshop Elements.  I don't want to buy it just to have an even better version come out.  *sigh*  Technology is too good sometimes.  

In other news I just got an email saying my Honors Atomic Chemistry class will be taught.  Can I survive a schedule with Honors English, Communications, Atomic Chemistry, Spanish and a regular Human Bio class?  

I think yes. The Chem class only runs until Thanksgiving break, and I get to go down to New Mexico.   But then I'd get rid of my classical piano class.  I'm not too choked up about it though.  I'm so cool. 

Am I suicidal?  Maybe my outfit is telling me something. 

*UPDATE*  I am officially registered for Honors English, Honors Communications, Honors Atomic Chemistry, Human Biology, and Spanish.

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