Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pioneer Day "Weekend"

*DISCLAIMER:  I'm in a very, very odd mood.  I think it has something to do with sleeping until 11:30 yesterday and then taking a 4 hour nap in the same day.  Then laying around watching 12 episodes of Pretty Little Liars since 2 am last night.  This is your warning. *

So.  There were a ton of things that have happened since Barbie said goodnight to 'yall.  (Isn't she the most adorable thing you have ever seen?!)

A) I FINALLY got my roommate list.  I'm stoked!  Two of my roommates are from Japan, and that's where my dad served his mission.  I'll finally be able to use the phrases I've learned! (Which mainly consist of "Where are my keys" and "Pass the beer.")

B) Josh survived an entire day with my family.  I have no clue how he did that.  We drove down to good 'ol Kamas, Utah (where my parents grew up) and went to my cabin, hit the Alpine Slide in Park City, and went to a rodeo.  McKenzie entertained us with a few self-written monologues depicting our future lives. Chandler is apparently going to work at a gas station, Josh will be working in a hospital brutally mis-diagnosing patients, I'm the Congresswoman who loves to say "Congress" and for my personal favorite I'm just going to type out the whole script.

Kenzie:  "MMMM, money, money, money"  *Pulls fan of money to her nose*
               *Blows nose violently into stack of money, drops on the ground, and giggles*

She was on one.

Then there was a parade.
 My favorite boots
*Sigh*  not the best picture. . .
The Bull Wars wasn't as exciting.  There weren't any brutal injuries *sigh*  but the clown did have some pretty good jokes.  This is my personal favorite: (it's okay, I'm a democrat and I think it's hilarious)

Clown:  "So did you hear about Obama's new value menu?  You choose what ever you want and the buy behind you pays for it" *Insert a large amount of laughter here*

So unattractive. . . 

Then we drove home and guess what we ate for dinner. . .


It was still open at 11:45.  They were my heroes. Ah.  I love them.

*Out of sheer respect for Josh I did not take any pictures of him.  He can be grateful*

C) I went night golfing!!  Tonight.  Kobe is living with us for the week, and having your backyard be a golf course has it's  benefits.
My stash of collected golf balls

 Chandler was trying to be taller than Kobe, so he fell and got blurry.  *Fail*
I may have. . . um. . . injured my ankle.

NIght golfing with bare footsies.  That's how you do it!
All in all it was a fantastic weekend.  Now on to work!! Woot. . .

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