Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes I'm Shnazzy

Things that are Shnazzy:

A) Today I had an entire day off.  But I got bored so I went into work.  Shnazzy.

B) Training newbies at Casper's.  They're sooooo obnoxious.  Not really.  It's hard to hate the newbies. ;)  Shnazzy.

C) My Kim Possible text tone. It's a little blast from my past.  I smile every time I get a text, and it's not just because of the person texting me.  Would couldn't smile every time you hear the *do do dodo* of Kim Possible on your very own phone?! Shnazzy.

D) The word "texting" is not in the dictionary for Blogger.  It gets it's own cute, red wavy line under it. Shnazzy.

E) Getting out of a ticket.  I got pulled over yesterday for the very first time.  Thankfully I just got a warning, it was a $400 dollar offense.  I know, I know, you're dying to hear my story.  "What in the world could Morgan have done to potentially cost her four hundred whole dollars?!" I can't tell you.  It's top secret.  Shnazzy.

F) Spending over one thousand dollars in a week.  Not cool.  But, hey! I had over one thousand dollars.  Shnazzy.

G) Watching reruns of The Bachelorette on Hulu.  It's a Tuesday ritual.  TEAM ARIE!!  *sigh* I'm a sucker for reality T.V. . .  Shnazzy.

H) The fact I made broccoli, mushrooms, and brown rice for lunch.  I'm such a health freak.  I plan on living off cottage cheese, mushrooms, rice, celery, and tofu in college.  Shnazzy.

I) My friends, as always.  Shnazzy.

J) This Blog post.  The last little bit is the cutest, greatest thing I've read so far on a blog.  And, believe me, I've read a ton of blog posts.  Shnazzy.

K) My obsession with Reese Peanut Butter Cups, and basically peanut butter and chocolate in general.  Brandilyn is just amazing and posted this once again on her blog.  I about died.  This may be my new favorite post.  Shnazzy.

L) The song "Benny and the Jets."  Greatest thing ever.  Shnazzy.

M) Seeing a girl that reminds me of my favorite twins in the whole wide world, Allie and Andrea.  I'll be seeing them August 18th! I CANNOT WAIT!!  Shnazzy.

N) The word "Shnazzy."  It's commonly used when I visit Nat, Allie, and Andrea. SHNAZZY!

Things that are NOT Shnazzy:

1) Being allergic to mosquitoes, then getting bit by a mosquito and having your arm swell up

2) Falling down the stairs

3) Face-planting it onto my trampoline and getting killer trampoline burn

4) Knowing your best friends are having a conversation about you, but not knowing what in the world they are saying

5) Excessive, unnecessary worrying

6) Finding a hole in your very last cherry, and you want so bad to eat it, so you squeeze it a little just to make sure there isn't a crawly critter inside and it explodes all over your cheek, leg, and laptop

7)  Watching Sean's face on The Bachelorette when he didn't get a rose.  I seriously almost started crying.  That's not a shock though, I'm the world's biggest cry-baby.

BUT, all things shnazzy cancel out the things "un-shnazzy".

Stay tuned for my top secret announcement!


P.S.  I just kept adding things to my Shnazzy list. I've edited this blog post a good seven  eight nine times. in a single night.  No promises there won't be more edits and things Shnazzy found on Cats & Cardigans. 

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