Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Robin is Attractive.

Fun fact of the day:  There are over one thousand leprosy colonies in India.

Even more fun fact:  I will soon be there to join them.


Dumb mosquitoes.

I'm allergic to mosquito bites and when we went night hiking I got 17 bites.  17!!  Now my legs are all swollen and covered in nasty red splotches, and I promise I'm not even itching them, even though it is oh, so tempting.

So now I wear pants and long skirts.  Here's outfit #1 for the day.

I totally scored at the Gap with this dress.  It would have normally cost me 80 bucks, but who in their rights mind would spend eighty dollars on a non-formal dress?!  I got it for 18, don't worry.  I'm cool like that. 

Obviously we went to the taco bus.  Again.  It was delicious.  Again.

Then we went and saw The Dark Knight Rises.  OH MY YES!! It was so good.  I can't get over it though, and Robin is suuuuuper attractive.  Just sayin'.

But, on the way home we stopped at Pink's to get a delectable Raspberry/Horchata snow cone with cream.  And on the way home Chandler refused to sip it because he "Doesn't like snow cones"  and so it spilled all over my dress.  

I'm mad.

Now I have to go to work. *Sigh* it's just another day. . . 

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