Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Post in Which I Talk About My Hair

This is me. 

Note the luscious locks (and pearly white teeth and I'm wearing my favorite shirt).  AH!  I'm quite pleased with how long my hair is getting.  Once upon a time I wanted my hair to be "model" worthy and so I cut it.  It wasn't really even that short and I liked it.  My parents however, did not appreciate my short "do". See:

I know.  Scandalous.  Somewhere I went through a phase where I hated my smile (still kinda do, my eyes get all squished up) and refused to smile for any of my FB profile pictures.  And I liked black and white a ton, but then, I still do. 

I'm approaching my one year mark of chopping my hair off, I think I'm going to celebrate with either A) cutting my full bangs back  B) dying a strip red (I've done it before, I love it) C) being lame and just getting a cute new headband.   I might just do option D) all of the above. 

I felt like my happy little blog was missing some pictures. . . Hence my extremely vain post about how much I love my hair.  *sigh* 

I know I promised I'd share my big, awesome announcement with you.  I'm going to go take pictures of it now.  Maybe tonight at 1 am I'll get around to it.

BUT!  I decided I'm going to get healthy and start running again.  (Once upon a time I ran a half marathon. And LOVED it.   I know, shocker.)   I have no motivation at all though. . . So, I'm bribing myself.  If I run every day for a week I'm going to buy myself this.  I've loved it forever and ever, but couldn't bring myself to spend forty dollars on a sweater.

I love it.  It's going to be perfect for college.  Nice and slouchy, comfy, and totally cas'.

My favorite.

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