Sunday, July 15, 2012


I love Sundays.  So much.  I never appreciated them when I was little, because doing nothing is "boooooring."  I take back every time I said that.  Granted, doing nothing is boring when you do nothing ALL the time.  This summer I've loved being able to do nothing for an entire day.

I went to another missionary farewell today.  ANOTHER ONE! *sigh*  It's so weird to think that all my friends in high school are now being spread across the world.  It's amazing and oh, so cool, but still, very weird.

So, with my lovely lazy I day I really need to catch up on everything I've started to post, but never actually did.  Starting with. . .

The Taco Bus.

Seriously.  Those three little words are all you need to hear to understand how wonderful that day was.  Tacos made AND eaten in a bus.  I can hear the Handel's Messiah now.  *sigh*  
Thankfully Josh has similar adventurous taste buds and told me about this little gem , or I would have left without acknowledging it's existence.

Tacos are a dollar. One dollar.  Yes, four quarters, ten dimes, twenty nickles, or if you're feeling crazy one hundred pennies.  And they have Mexican Coke.  In a glass bottle.  Seriously delish.

 They were out of tongue.  Deep down inside I'm thankful for that, but I know I'm going to try it before I leave. That will be well documented.

Look at those babies. Who could pass them up?  I couldn't. . .

I ate them all. :)

Remember that little secret/announcement I kept promising I'd talk about?  Well. . . Here I go!  

I.  Bought.  A.  Car.

(I'm wearing my grandma shorts.  I loff them.)

This is The Stray.  He's a '94 Ford Escort.  He cost me a whopping $1,700 not including a new windshield, windshield wipers, registration, inspection, and sales tax.  Let's just say my bank account is hurting a bit.

Isn't he cute!?  For the first week I couldn't drive him because it's a. . . manual.  I almost had three anxiety attacks trying to learn how to drive my own car, but now, I'm a pro.  I can even back out of my driveway without killing it now.

Now I have a new  "Biggest Fear"  it's called, "Killing The Stray as I Attempt to Turn Left on the Highway."  It's a legitimate concern.

Off to another fun filled week of work! Hoorah!

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