Friday, June 13, 2014

Sister Missionary Feature-Sister Sidney Snowden

Sidney Snowden called to serve in the
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma spanish speaking mission  
depart to Mexico MTC July 23 When I heard the age change, I didn't think much about the girls age change as much as the boys, all my friends were about to turn 18, and I was (at the time) NOT ever going on a mission.

I never wanted to serve a mission before the age change, I had built up a great dance career, I was auditioning for professional companies and had some offers, my life was set, I would dance with a company and travel the world performing professionally!

When I had turned in my papers everyone asked me where I wanted to go, I always thought it was a silly question because I knew I wasn't going on a mission to be a tourist, I am going so I can do some hard hard work! So I never really cared because I knew it would be the place that would test, and give me the most growth!

I never wanted to serve a mission, it was not in my stars. That's what I thought, until I met this really good friend of mine, he was preparing to serve a mission and would constantly be talking about how the gospel completely changed his life. You could see how happy he was with it you could see how much he lit up when he talked about it, he was never afraid to share spiritual experiences. It completely changes the person he used to be.

 I loved that about him, but he would ask me a lot if I would ever go. I always gave him a solid fast "Nope". He would ask me why, and even though I thought I had some reasons I could never come up with one to tell him.

After a heart breaking night I had, that next morning the only thought was "'missionaries" I went to breakfast and a RM sister came up to me and said " I feel like I need to talk to you about my mission." I received a phone call from my aunt, she also wanted to tell me about her mission. I went to a close friend and said a prayer with him, I had received my  anwnser that I really needed to go,

that hardest part was accepting that. From the moment I absolutely accepted it there was NO Doubt that it is what I need to do. I have never been happier and I have never been more tempted by lucifer. It's been a hard, challenging life changing journey finding if I need to serve or not, it has also been the most humbling, spiritual growing and learning experience I have ever had!

I testify this gospel changes hearts, it changes lives and it effects everyone. It is the truth and it received from the lords true prophets and I know I need to share the truth to the world.


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