Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Dub Thee Bonita/Ben/Alfred the Bird

It is 8:23 in the morning.  I am packing my purse for yet another 14 hour shift at work when I heard a loud thud against my window. "What in the world is that?" I look over and meet this fella. 
Yes, I did poke it with one of the best pens in the world.  It didn't even move! I'm sure this poor little bird is in shock, hitting your head against things will do that to you. Trust me, I know from experience.  I figure a glass window to a little bird's head is pretty equal to a nice, hard road to a 19-year-old girl's head.  I feel ya little dude. 

He/she hasn't moved at all and it's been a half hour since the incident. I don't know what do to! Nursing little birds is not in my repertoire of random knowledge I have. 

But, I can name him/her! Meet Bonita (if it's a girl) or Ben (if it's a boy). I can only think of so many names that start with the letter "B."  Lets face it, Alfred the Bird does sound pretty good though. . . Thoughts? What should I name my new little friend? 

I finally got up the nerve to do this: 
He/She is a very nice little bird. Avery ran away as soon as I opened my window. His/Her feathers are very soft. 

I keep you posted on the little bird. I hope he/she recovers before I'm home from work at midnight. 


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