Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Missionary's Goal. From Mo's Journal (Throwback Tuesday/Thursday)

(Sister Shields!! She is my MTC Momma!  We became best friends.)

From November 7th 2013
So, I'm studying "Preach My Gospel." I think not being happy in the mission, or in general, stems from regret.  Regret is just a fancy word for "not being perfect."  Those bad days stem from not being perfect. 
That's our goal isn't it? To be perfect. We cannot be perfect without the Atonement. 
When we start using the atonement we can start being able to teach with The Spirit.  There is only one real teacher.  Yes, we walk in with our companion and to our investigator it may seem there are two teachers in the room, but in all actuality there is one single teacher and two people who just open their mouths and try to explain what the real teacher wants us to say. 
If the spirit is not in the room, you are not teaching what God wants you to teach.  Our objective is not to have a million baptisms or walk away with the most presents.  The only ultimate goal is to teach with the Spirit.  When we can do that, all the other goals will fall into place.
(Georges is one of our Miracles.  He is the  reason why I learned sign language in the MTC also.  He's deaf.  He is a miracle. Coincidences do not exist.)
We decided something odd today, something most missionaries would look at us like we're crazy for even thinking that, but. . . we are not going to look very hard to find new investigators.  Is that totally against what being a missionary is all about? I think not!  It's not like we are going to sit at home and eat crepes all day long.  We are going to work hard, work longer, and take care of the investigators we have now.  And of course, we are going to look for more, but and extra few lessons a week with our current investigators (instead of door-to-door yelling) will pay off.
It's interesting to see how the dynamic changes when people WANT to learn and WANT the lessons with those who do not really care.  We LOVE the lessons with the people who legitimately care.  Okay, we love all lessons, but watching progress is the best feeling in the world. 
The goal is to find what the investigators DESIRE
 (Ryan and Mattias' Baptism)
When you can help them have the desire, whether it be a lesson on repentance, or the knowledge our families CAN be together forever their life will get exponentially better the sooner you can find out what "makes them tick"
Sometimes that is hard.  Sometimes people let you into their home, but they themselves don't have an idea as to why they are having two strange Americans talk to them about religion.  But they let us in.  That is the first step.
It is worth it.  We are planting seeds with everyone we come in contact with.  Yes, they may not get baptized, but you know what?  When this life is all said and done, we will all be together in the Celestial Kingdom and those investigators who turned us away will be there.  They will see us, and they will come to the strange Americans with tears in their eyes, and they will thank us.
That is why I am a missionary.
 (Beach Time!! Soeur Moli and I love our Beach Time.)

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