Thursday, August 21, 2014

"T" Thursday! And Special Announcement at the End.

 It's Tahitian (Throwback) Thursday! Welcome to the Life of a Tahitian Missionary in the Missionary Training Center.  Yes, we were in there for twelve weeks, but we made it fun.  Nous aimons tous les gens de Tahiti!
Yes, I know I match the Tahitian Flag perfectly.  No, I did not plan that.

These are only SOME of our books we used to study.  It's a sad day when the stack of books is nearly taller than you are.
We can be super cliche' and cheesy, but this is our lovely little group of Best Friends.

Laundry time!
Yes, Jenna and I did smell the "cream soda tree."  Sorry future missionaries, but the Cream Soda Tree has since been torn down.

Fourth of July in the MTC! That was a party! I love Soeur Bradshaw (Now Palmer) to death!
The French consulate has my passport/visa AGAIN.  Why? Well, I'm currently only allowed to enter Tahiti the 8th of September with my current visa.  BUT.  The consulate is issuing me another visa so I may leave next week.  Hopefully.
*Pessimestic Morgan Here:  With my luck my passport will get lost in the mail and I'll never be able to leave the country again.* (That is so not going to happen, I'm leaving next week baby!)
Don't forget to write.  Please, please, please write me letters. . .

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