Friday, June 27, 2014

Dear Morgan,

Back on December 19, 2013 while we were in Tahiti with Morgan I wrote this letter.  I did not send it to anyone nor did I seem a need to post it on her blog.  I just wrote it and left it in my draft box.  The last couple of days have been pretty difficult.  I was laying in bed and remembered this letter I wrote six months ago and now I feel a need to post it.  At that time we were wanting her to live, her physical injuries were what we were focused on.  Today she is going great physically but is having a hard time in other ways.  In January a day or two once she arrived at IMC there was a day that was terrible.  I remember sitting on the window seat in her room while the physical therapist came in to work with her.  I think at that time they only were trying to get her to stand.  Morgan was agitated and upset and they were not going to give up on her at all.  I was sitting there and just broke down crying.  It was terrible to see your child like that and I prayed that she would be comforted and that she would know how much support and love she has.  Today I pray for the same thing, that she knows how much she is loved and that she can love herself.  Things are so much better then six months ago and six months from now they will be that much better.  The Attitude of Gratitude motto is what I have been trying to keep in my thoughts.  But anyway here is my letter from December 19th.  

When I was pregnant and found out we were having a little girl, we were so excited.  For whatever reason I wanted her to have a strong name.  A beautiful name, but a strong one.  So Morgan it is.  Beautiful and strong.  When she was about two we were in Idaho for one of my brothers basketball games.  Morgan was climbing up and down the bleachers non stop.  A cute couple were watching her and they asked "what is her name?" I said "Morgan" and he said "wow, that's a strong name". I said thank you and yes it is:). Morgan has always been determined.  She walked at 8 months old...I am not exaggerating.  She spoke early also.  She loved learning and would absorb knowledge and was always teaching me things. And she still does.  When she was just about to start kindergarten we went in for her evaluation with the teacher.  We were sitting outside waiting our turn and the little girl before us was running everywhere and was kind of out of control and Morgan leans over to me and says "she going to be a tough one isn't she mom."  I laughed.  Morgan loved learning.  Her cute kindergarten teacher "Mrs. Bodily" saw that. She had her doing reports on anything in front of the class with posters all the time.  That just started her off on a fantastic start! Morgan is a writer.  In third grade she started her own news paper.  It was the "kids news". She interviewed neighbors, made her own crossword puzzles and would pass it out about every couple of weeks.  She is a self motivated person!  When she was in fifth grade she had a change of teachers after Christmas.  The teacher that replaced the first one kind of had a tough situation to go in to.  Morgan before could move ahead and work on what she needed to but the new teacher wanted everyone to always be doing the same thing.  Well, Morgan received her first and last refocus.  It's so funny now and really it was then too.  What she did was when the teacher was teaching Math, Morgan had already done the assignment and knew the work so she decided to read a book.  Well, the refocus came and she had to have us sign it.  I guess she had to write why she received the refocus on a paper for us to read because she wrote it in pig Latin.  Well, of course Troy knows how to read pig Latin.  We didn't get mad at her...sorry teacher...we did tell her she needed to respect her teacher and when she said it was time for math she had to do math.  Even though she knew it and was bored out of her mind.  In middle school/high school Morgan always always stuck up for the under dog.  I think sometimes it was hard on her to be like that but she knew how she needed to treat others and did not have much tolerance for those who bullied.  She was not afraid to let people know about it either.  I couldn't be prouder.  We once were at one of those counselor  meetings where you plan out your life in 8th grade..ha ha..and the counselor asked what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Morgan replied "I want to be an editor of a magazine". Troy and I looked at each other and said " I thought you wanted to be a dentist".  She said "No,  you want me to be a dentist, I want to be an editor of a magazine".  We knew then it was time to let her fly.   Morgan also excelled in debate in high school.  She made many friends and I have no idea how many awards she won!  Many, I believe over 100. She also was on the team from "We the People" who took first at nationals!! Amazing.  Morgan also had amazing young women leaders.  There weren't many if any girls her age in Young Women.  She had a few leaders that hold a soft place in her heart and also my heart.  They put her in charge and let her lead.  I will always appreciate those ladies.  Morgan always felt she could turn to them and she loves them.  After high school Morg went to college at Snow College.  It was paid for and she wanted to move out and be her independent self.  She did it and when conference came that fall and they announced the change of age for missionaries she texted me and said "are you watching conference right NOW" we had just turned it on and missed the announcement right when Morgan text.  So I said to Troy "did they just change the age if missionaries" and then the text came from Morgan telling us that it had and she said "I AM GOING, right NOW" I cried and she cried.  Of course we said pray and fast to know if that's what you need to be doing.  But she knew she was going.  When she got her call it was awesome.  Tahiti was not in any one's thoughts but we quickly googled and Tahiti immediately held a place in our hearts.  When we found out it was a duel language and that she would learn French and Tahitian, not once did we think she would not be able to do it.  In fact we knew she would and would do it well.  I would say "Tahiti has no idea how lucky they are to have Morgan as a missionary, she will change and effect many!" She did and still does.  These people love her.  They all say she is "strong" the same word I wanted for her when she was born.  She loves it here.  Loves them all!! That's my Morg.  And we love her!  We are counting on "strong" right not.  But we know with all the prayers and fasting in her behalf that The Lord will bless her and is with her.  We will be patient and wait but will always be here for our Beautiful Morgan.  Thank you to you all!! Their are no words to express the gratitude we have for you. "Thank You"

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  1. Just beautiful. She will remain in my prayers.


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