Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hi-Jacking Morgan's blog....just an update

About one year ago Morgan returned to Tahiti to finish her mission.  Tahiti round 2 and truly a completly different mission in the same place.  She went about her missionary work in a different way and made a huge impact on a lot on people's lives.  She continues to do that here.  This weekend I was able to hear Morgan speak to a group of youth in Provo.  She was great!! The kids were listening and asked very good questions.  One of the questions someone asked was "do you remember things you learn at school?"  It surprised me to hear that because that is what is challenging her right now and her answer was " I remember.....absolutely nothing.  I fail every test"  Which is true.  But she gets 100% on all assignments when she can find the information in a book or use her notes.  She continues to work hard and find a way to work through the struggles.  Yesterday she had a doctor appointment with her rehab doctor.  He walked in and you could see he was amazed with Morgan.  The way the doctors look at her when they speak with her makes me smile.  You can see they are truly happy and surprised with Morgan's recovery.  I love that!!

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