Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear President Obama Bashers

Happy day after election day!!

Okay.  Pet peeve of the week:

A large majority of my Facebook feed complaining that President Obama was reelected. 

Come on.

First of all, call him President Obama, not "Obama." It's a matter of respect, you call men or women in certain positions certain names whether it be religious, political  or even family oriented.  Calling your mother "Mom" instead of "Marcie" is a way of respecting her.

Respect our president.  The people gave him this position, whether you like it or not. 

He was our president for four years, instead of looking at all the "negative" things about him, or the past four years, look at the positives.  Believe it or not, good things haaaave happened. 

Our country spoke.  President Obama won by a lot.  Like, a lot a lot. By over 100 electoral votes.  


He even won the popular vote.  

The great thing about our county is the ability we have to CHOOSE as a NATION who will lead us for four year.  

We could have a system like Britain  where Parliament chooses who their prime minister is and have a queen.  

Our country could be run by a terrorist organization.

But it's not. 

President Obama will not run our country into the ground in the next four years.

Even if he tries (which he won't)  our Constitution allows for checks on the Executive branch.  

Congress writes the laws. 

Not the president.

Congress controls the budget.

Not the president.

And if the president over steps his bounds, Hey! we can impeach him. 

It's hardly fair to blame the "bad economy" on President Obama.  He stepped into it, and it's gotten better since he was first elected.

Just because there's a "D" next to him name does not mean he has no values or limits.

Take a step back.

He's just a normal American with a family, trying to do his best.

Let's give him a little support, yeah?



p.s. I voted for Romney, and I am just fine with President Obama because the country spoke collectively, as whole, and he has my full support.
read this!

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