Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sister Missionary Series-Sister Chase

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Sister Kaitlin Chase
Nicaragua Managua South

I can remember when the age change for sisters happened. I was in school at Brigham Young University Idaho and I was watching conference in my room. President Monson announced the age change for guys from 19 to 18 and I thought that was really interesting. Then President Monson went on and made the announcement about the sisters age being changed from 21 to 19. I was shocked and all I could do was cry. It was a day that would change my life.

Later that day I contacted my home teachers and asked if I could get a blessing on Sunday (the next day). They were more than eager to help me in my time of need. The next few days I prayed, fasted, and drove up to the temple to read the scriptures.

Tuesday, I had an interview with my Bishop to get a temple recommend. When I walked in, I told him I was considering going on a mission. He smiled, and said okay. This interview however was different from any that I had ever had before. Normally for me, temple interviews were no big deal. As a youth they were always quick, and you were in and out in a few minutes. This time was completely different. As soon as my Bishop asked me the first interview question, I started to cry. For every question asked, and every answer given, I realized how much I actually believed it was true. I DO know that Christ is our Savior. I DO know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet. It was at that moment that I realized I needed to go on a mission.

The next question I needed answered was when I would go on a mission. The age change regarding sister missionaries didn't affect me in the way most people think. When people found out I was serving a mission, the first thing they would normally say is, "Now I have to ask, did the age change affect your decision to go?" I have to honestly say, no it didn't. It did however affect me because I am 19 which means I could now go. So, I had to ponder and think about when I would want to go. Just because I am 19 and I can go, doesn't mean it's my time to go. I prayed a lot about the situation and went to the temple. But not only did I pray about when I should go, but I did some research. I looked at my 4 year graduation plan and looked at classes I had already taken, and what classes I would still need. I looked at when I would graduate if I left now, or if I went to school another semester. After about a week I came to an answer. I felt it was right for me to go right after this semester finished.
On November 16 I got my mission call. I got called to serve a mission in the Nicaragua Managua South Mission, Spanish speaking. It is below Guatemala and above Costa Rica. I am so excited!!!!!!! I report to the Guatemala MTC on March 6, 2013. I was so surprised! It was not what I had expected at all. BUT, the Lord knows where I am needed, and I can't wait to serve! It still hits me in waves where I can't believe I am actually serving...but I AM!
I have always wanted to serve a mission. It just so happens that I am going sooner than I thought. We had sister missionaries live with us for 4 1/2 years, and it was a great experience. I was able to see how it was like for sister missionaries. I was always in love with missionary stories. I could listen to return missionaries talk about their mission all day. I especially loved older people talk about their mission. It always is a great 18-24 months for missionaries.

There are so many reasons why I decided to serve a mission. One of those reasons is because the gospel means so much to me. The gospel brings me happiness and joy, comfort and peace, and I want to share that with others. I try to think what would happen if I was the one who didn't have the gospel. I would want someone to find me and share that same happiness with me.

Any advice I would give to those of you thinking about serving a mission is this: Just because the age changed for girls from 21 to 19, that doesn't mean that you have to go. It just means more girls have the opportunity to go. However, if you are thinking of going, be sure to pray often and go to the temple FREQUENTLY. The temple is such a wonderful place where so many answers can come to your mind and where you can feel the spirit.
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