Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Bye Good 'Ol U.S.A

Why Hello friends, family, strangers! Welcome to the last email Soeur Taylor sends in the United States. Yes, you are quite cool to be reading this.
Holy goodness, the last week in the MTC is strange. It's stressful, quick, slow, calming, exciting, nerve wracking, and exhausting. All at the same time. We just barely had our last class of the day in the MTC. That is the strangest experience ever. Maybe for English missionaries, who are only here 12 days, it's different. For us, we've been with Frere Asay and Frere Coulson for the past 11 weeks. It's weird to say goodbye. Half of you wants to cry, the other half doesn't even care because we're so stressed about packing, and then the other half (my math skills are nonexistant here :P) is ready to get on my tropical island. We have one more day. It's going to be weird, good, and every single emotion you can feel.
The MTC is hard. I'm going to say that straight up.  You are exhausted, you are fustrated, and you may not be fed the food you wish you were being fed. But the great thing is, for every bad or hard thing, there are double the good things. It's really important to look for the good things. Frere Asay told us this week, for every good thing we sacrafice, we will be blessed double-fold. Elder Hansen asked him if he had double the ties now, he does. That's a real example for you right there. ;) But it's true.
So, these two (three) lovely people are huge blessings in my MTC life. I didn't know any of them before I came here, but they definetly helped me through my weeks here.
Sister Shields is seriously my angel from heaven. If any of you future missionaries are reading this, she is the lovely lady waiting outside for you after you get your offically missionary name tag. I'd host every week, and we just became friends. Her husband served in Tahiti, and that just made me even more excited to go. Tell her Ia Ora Na for me when you see her!
The other lovely picture is my now, good friend Elder Rogers. He's heading to Japan. He's my stalker. Not really, I'd just joke about it because we always ran into each other on campus. And, come on, when you see the same person multiple times a day you have to be friends. So, we're friends! Really, come to the MTC open to meeting new people. Come wanting to make new friends, come wanting to love and talk to people, no matter who they are, and you are going to have the time of your life.
The moral of this story? We are given people to help us.  Maybe it's an incredible sister who bakes you treats every week. Maybe it's a goofball Elder who can make you laugh when you're having a really hard day. It's going to be that moment when your investigators, when your friends, when you family, pray for the first time. It's going to be that moment you, as a missionary, walk into a lesson and your investigator says he read 5 chapters in the Book of Mormon, when he usually reads 3 verses. And after he tells you that, he says he wants to be baptized. It's going to be getting a letter from your friends. It's going to be making a new missionary friend.  It is going to be the people. Focus on the good in people and you will never have a bad day. I promise.
I love you all.
See you soon!
Soeur Taylor

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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