Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sheep Heart Anyone?

Hello week one! Okay, my typing is awful on French keyboards. Ignore all my lovely mistakes.
 My week has been crazy. I cant believe im actually here first of all. How was your first week? I ate  more strange things than I expected, Sheep heart is delicious, I never ever thought I would say those words,  I scaled my first fish,  I ate fish...  I didnt gag, so I consider it an achievement,  i smelled fafaroo but the family decided to let it rot for another week before we eat it, ah,,,
My companion is amazing, she scares me,  But she is really an angel and very very patient and a great teacher,  I am thankful to have her,
My house is epic! Mwahaha, i was going to send you pictures but i totally forgot my cqmera cord, next week;  we have grapefruit and coconut at our house and members keep giving me delicious fruits to eat,  i have a bunch of bananas hanging from our garage beaucoup of mango and papaya,  Breadfruit, nono, and star apples are next on the list de manger,  Oh and there is a cat, I couldnt be happier,
The French is coming little by little. The first day teaching, was awful. I didnt understand anything they were saying. Sœur Li would look at me when it was time to share my testimony. Thats it. But last night One of our investigators, shes 15 and lives with the ward mission leader and i had a great conversation. I love that girl, she is incredible, and would be baptised if she werent waiting for her boyfriend to turn 18 in december and be able to confirm her a member. Sigh... We are working on that...
i learned the words for slippery, wrist, and break very well this week: i was trying to ask how to say road, slipped, fell on my wrist and broke the glass on my Watch,  sigh,,, it still works, all is well
Tahiti is intense, Really.  WHen you think of Tahiti you think of the beaches and water. That is not Tahiti. Tahiti is third world. The area I am in is about 30 km outside of Papeete. People live in shacks made of plywood and tin roof. Our house is the nicest place I have seen. It is crazy, but I am loving it.  Im thankful I have tons of tee shirts. I already stand out a lot, and my clothes even as simple as they are; are ridiculiously nice here. You feel pretty guilty walking into someones home and eating ribs, and hamburgers, and drinking soda and knowing this is the only time the family would eat this food. Its humbling and amazing. I couldnt have been called to a better mission. That is for sure.
Sœur Taylor

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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