Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And I'm home.

Hello. This is Morgan.

I'm officially home. :)

Hopefully I'll heal we'll enough to get back in the field. Either way, I have work to do.

Well, thanks for reading!!


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  1. Morgan,
    We wish you the best and hope you can return to Tahiti. Our son, Elder Molinari is serving in Tahiti He was in the MTC with Sister Taylor from TX and since you are linked to her blog, we started following your adventures in the mission field. It's always nice to get the sisters' perspectives!

    My sister was hit by a car Jan. 4, 2013. She spent three months in the hospital, and went home just before Easter. She is a living, breathing miracle, and although she has some serious challenges, she is mothering her 6 kids once again. As horrible as the accident was, their family has seen the hand of the Lord in their lives along with many miracles.

    I know you will be blessed likewise. We will keep putting your name on the prayer roll in the Palmyra, NY temple each time we attend . You are in our prayers every night. We hope your recovery is quick, without complications and that you can finish your mission.

    Love, the Molinari's


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