Friday, May 23, 2014

Sister Missionary Feature-Sister Kaytie Gull

Sister Kaytie Gull
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mission

The age change really affected me. I always have felt I was meant to go on a mission but I was worried that once I started school(I want to be a pediatrician) I would have a hard time putting it in hold and then there was the worry of students loans too. I was really worrying didn't know if I should wait I apply to school or just trust The Lord when I became mission age. I started to pray and fast about it a lot trying to figure out what I should do. Then the age change happened! That was an amazing day! Sitting there watching conference, when President Monson announce the age change. I remember just crying because I knew that was the answer to my prayers!
When I was little my older sister went on a mission, she grew so much and since then I have always wanted to serve The Lord! I want to help others so that they can have the joy that the gospel gives to me.
When I was waiting for my call everyone would always ask where I wanted to go I would always say on a mission! I know I have been called by The Lord to Oklahoma City because that is where I am need. 
I have had the opportunity to go with the sister missionaries in an area nearby where I live, with then my love for the church and a mission have grown. One of the greatest missionary experiences I've had was with this sisters. We were at an inactive members house and the sisters had just finished the lesson. I was sitting other by one of the sister and while her companion was still talking to me she leaned over to me and said you need to bear your testimony. When she said that I got really scared and it was as if my mind just went blank. So while the sister finished talking I started praying that I would know what to say. As soon as she finished they both looked at me indicating it was my turn and right then I knew exactly what I needed to say. I know Heavenly Father really guides and helps all of us as we teach the gospel!
When I first entered young women's we had a leader who invite me to help with the stake humanitarian projects. I had the opportunity to help and I realized there was nothing as great as serving others. One of the main reason I want to go on a mission is I love The Lord and he has asked that we serve all men, I know I will be able to help others by helping them feel the joy I am so blessed with because of the gospel. 
When it comes to serving a mission remember that we aren't leaving our families for a vacation for 18 months. We are going into the world to spread the message of the gospel we are going in the footsteps of Christ. A mission won't be easy but it will be worth it:) 
I am so excited to serve The Lord in Oklahoma City! Heavenly Father knows were we most need to go he I sending us to those who are prepared for us! Love all of you my sisters, you will all be great missionaries.

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