Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 2

Bonjour! Welcome to week two in the MTC. Holy cow, it has flown by so quickly, it
's crazy. Time here is weird... The days are very long, but before you know it the week is over!

French is going well. We finally have our second teacher to come in at nights, so our schedule is even more packed than before. His name is Brother Asay and he is intense. Super intense, in a very good way. We are totally motivated to work harder than we've been working in the past few weeks. But after his lessons we just want to curl up on the floor and rest our poor brain. I successfully taught the first lesson in Franglay (Spanglish, but french) by myself, and had way more french than english. It was pretty cool. But... While we were "contacting" our "investigator" one day I accidentally said "Jesus Christ is the daughter of God."  Son= fils and daughter= fil. And Elder Hansen called us "The Ice Cream of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" again. It's pretty fun. :)
Brother Coulson, our first teacher, has been telling us about Tahiti. They eat dog there. A lot. It's not one of those myths. He says they usually throw it in a sack and drown it before they cook it. Delicious. Mail is also an issue.... He says we can expect to receive letters every 3 weeks and packages every 3 months. If they even get there.  While he was training he didn't get a single letter at all. At all. And his mom sent him 8 packages while he was on his mission and he only got 3 of them. Mail will be an adventure.
Speaking of mail. Thank you for the package!!! I got it on Wednesday. Thank you to Grams for my package too! I got that one Thursday. Elder Hansen cried when I pulled out the Dr. Pepper, so I traded him a can for an egg of silly putty. The popcorn has saved our life too! We have dinner at 4pm, and by 9 we're starving. So we run to the laundry room and pop it while we plan. Every building has a microwave, but the building we're in is split between Elder and Sisters, and the microwave is on the Elder's floor. Blah. Thanks for all the letters I've gotten! I'm slowly, but surly getting replies in the mail.

On Tuesday we had our first "Tuesday Devotional." They're a really big thing at the MTC. Sister Bradshaw and I got there at 5:45 to stand in line. It starts at 7, and we weren't the first in line. However, our French Zone was the first in line so we got to hang out with them. It was raining, and we were outside, and it was cold, but it was so fun. Everyone gets there early so we can fit into the bleachers/chairs and not watch it through teleconference in a different building. Sometimes they have apostles come speak, but not this week, maybe next time.
We met an Elder from Tahiti this week! His name is Elder Noho, which is incredibly ironic because our "investigator's" name was Manuarii Noho. He's super nice, he's here to learn english, so only Sister Bradshaw can have a really long conversation with him. Yesterday he walked into our class and gave us all Tahitian shell necklaces. Ah! He told us we're going to get things like this every day and we better get used to it. I love it. :)
The food here is bleh. I'm sick of it.  Hooray for popcorn and fruit leather.
On Sundays we watch "movies" after the devotional. This week Soeur B and I watched the Joseph Smith movie in French with our Zone leaders. It's crazy to sit there and be like, oh yeah, I can understand that! But I can only understand it because he keeps saying "Dieu, Jesus-Christ, Ecritures, Le Livre de Mormon" through the whole movie. (God, Jesus Christ, Scriptures, the Book of Mormon)

Wow. We had THE BEST relief society meeting ever. Do you know who Janice Kapp Perry is? I didn't. She wrote As Sister in Zion, I love to see the temple, I belong to the church of Jesus Christ, Army of Heleman, A Child's Prayer. Yes. She's a mormon celebrity. She spoke! We sang a medley of her songs with her, then at the end she had a surprise for us.  She received permission to add/change "As Sisters in Zion."  It's called "The Sisters in Zion" and we were the first people to ever sing it. It's all about sister missionaries. Sister Bradshaw and I tried so hard to write the words down, but we only got a few lines:
The sisters in zion are called to God's army
We willingly serve him
We are enlisted in Heleman's army
The angels of heaven are walking besides us
That's all we could scramble to get, but it is fantastic.  Sister B and I actually saw her this morning when we were walking out of the temple, and got to talk to her for a bit. She's a very sweet 75 year old lady.
I think that's all for now! My companion is fantastic, no complaints at all. I'm getting along with all the girls in my room now and we're just having lots of fun and learning more than I've ever learned before.
(Soeur Taylor)
P.S. People seen this week list:
Amanda Siler
Amelia Mann
Allyson Lundberg
Hayden Mickelson
Stewart Wood
Drew Stuart
Brittnie Felix
P.S.S. Someone should compile a list of people coming into the MTC from now to July 15. Then I know who to look for. We head to Tahiti July 15th!
P.S.S.S I got my tentative release date! October 24, 2014

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