Thursday, May 2, 2013

After five months of waiting...She has arrived!

This is Morgans Momma and I will be updating her blog for the next 18 months.  I am not a great writer like Morgan and I tend to get side tracked and ramble a bit but everything I say will be from her mothers heart.  She has officially spent her first night in the MTC.  These last few days have been great.  She was set apart as a missionary on Sunday so we were able to all take turns being her companion.  I thought it was a great idea to have her sleep on our bedroom floor like she did 15 years ago but she opted for her own room instead.  We are missing her like crazy!  The car ride home was very quiet and so is our home.  There is a void not having her here but her smile in the photos of her at the MTC say it all.  She is so happy and excited.  We can't be anything more than thrilled that she is where she has chosen to be and where she should be right now.  We will be teary..probably for 18 months.. but we are happy for her.  The website is awesome!  It is quick and she will get the letter the day you write it.  Her mailbox is #174.  She only has a limited time for emails so while in the MTC the Dear Elder website or normal mail is the best to write her. 

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