Sunday, April 28, 2013

Well, This Is It.

 Au Revior! 

I can't believe this day is finally here, it has been a very long time coming. I'll be set apart at 8pm tonight, so I'm making my last ditch effort to catch up on all my social media.

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to make it to my farewell last week, it means so much to me. Thank you to the people who reached out to me and said goodbye when they couldn't make it. You are the best. 

11 weeks in the MTC.  I am so excited. Feel free to write me, send me packages, think about me, you know, the usual. ;) My addresses are under the "Contact" tab on the top of the page.  I'd suggest using Dear Elder instead of emailing me though, I only have a half hour to read and write emails, that would make it easy on me. If you haven't heard of Dear Elder here is the link. You basically email me, but the MTC will print it out and get it to me the day you send it. Super easy! You just type in my MTC address (found in contacts tab). 

My weekly letters will be posted here on this lovely blog. If you'd like updates on when my letters are posted I would suggest either 

A) Following my blog via email. There's a little bar on the left side of the page, all you do is enter your email address and you will get my weekly emails in your inbox. 

B) "Liking" the XXo, Mo Facebook Page. You will get an update in your newsfeed when an email is posted. This is easiest if you're a facebook-a-holic. Just click the lovely link I provided and like away. It's that easy. 

C) Following via Blog Lovin'. If you love reading lots of blogs this is the one for you! But if you're just a fan of me the top two options would be easiest. 

I don't have any addresses!! If you'd like me to write you (really, I WANT TO WRITE YOU but I can't.. because I don't have your address) send me a Dear Elder or a letter this week and I will get back to you just as soon as I have my P-day. 

I'll be flying to Tahiti sometime in the middle of July, that will be posted when I know, so only send things to the Provo MTC until the middle of July. 

See you in 18 months!

Sister Taylor

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