Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here's to Another Great Year!

(I'm the one in black.)

I just realized I've had this lovely blog for a whole year this month! Goodness this year has really flown by.  It's so crazy to believe that this time last year I was struggling to decide which college to go to (yeah, I chose the wrong one).  

It's crazy to take a step back and see how all my crazy choices ultimately influence me to serve a mission. Every little thing took me to this point in my life. It is incredible. 

Yeah, I went to a college I didn't really enjoy. I made new friends, who helped realize what was most important in my life. I lived on my own, I cooked my own food, I decided to become a vegan (yeah, that didn't last long), and in October I decided to serve a mission. 

Now, I have another year to look forward to. I'll be making new friends who help me realize how important life is, I'll live on my own (with a companion of course), I'll cook my own food and learn to love new foods, I won't become a vegan, and I'll make the first year of my mission the best year of my life. I can not wait! 

I have 14 days left. FOURTEEN! I'll be set apart next Sunday, so I have 11 days to catch up with you! ELEVEN! 

My farewell is this Sunday, see you there! Here's to another great year.


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  1. I love your insight Morgan. You made choices for reasons, and learned from them. You are so well prepared for this next 18 months. I'm excited to stand back and watch you on this journey. You continue to make me so proud to claim you as one of my girls! I love you sweetie!! -Jeanne


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