Friday, April 19, 2013

On Judging Others

We judge people by how they look. No matter how hard we try not to "judge a book by it's cover" we all know we're going to pick up a book with an interesting cover. We're going to look at an old man wearing a large trench coat, growing the world's most straggly beard, pushing a shopping cart down the street and assume he's homeless. Maybe we'll automatically label the fashion-forward man as gay. Perhaps the Muslim man walking down the street will have people glare him down, and mutter "terrorist" under their breath. 

Maybe the man wearing the trench coat is just a good samaritan who is returning a shopping cart he found on the next block.

The fashion-forward man is going home to his wife, both of whom enjoy nice clothing. 

Our fellow "terrorist" is a citizen of this country. He lives here, he works here, he pays his taxes, his children go to school with our children, and he is able to exercise his freedom of religion just like every other citizen, because he is an american. 

Sometimes we take judging too far. We do it, it's human nature, and sometimes it's a good thing. You should probably avoid man driving the big black van offering you candy to help him find is lost dog, and you avoid him because you judged him. 

The problem with judgment comes when we always view people in the worst light. 

When I wrote for my school paper, I did an article on random students and the contents of their car. You can definitely learn a lot about a person from their car. So and so  likes this band, this person has their smelly sports equipment, oh that girl has a trunk full of books on the Constitution and international governments (hmmm I wonder who that was), and so on. 

In the spirit of that I give you..... *drum roll please*


This is Morgan in a baby-nut shell.  

Obviously I like mint. The color and the plant/flavor.
I carry keys with a keychain, that has a key on it. 
I like mace. Mace is good. 
My money doesn't go in my wallet. That's a sure sign of laziness.
I always have a pen and a sharpie on me.
Wallets are required, they have drivers licenses and such. 
Sometimes my lips get chapped from Logan's lovely dry climate. 
The mascara magically got in there... I don't usually carry it around. 
Telephones stay in the back left pocket of my jeans, unless I'm wearing a skirt or lovely mint pants that don't have real back pockets. 
M&M's for that minty-chocolate pick-me-up. 
BOWS! They are a must! Sometimes your hair just has to be worn in a ponytail, and lovely bows hide the elastic. 
Earrings, just in case. 

That's me. Judge me as you will. 

This week I'm going to challenge you!  

A) Judge less harshly
B) Make a new friend 
C) Clean out your purse!


what odd things are living inside your satchel? i want to know!

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