Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Merry day after Christmas!  

I hope you all had a fantastic day yesterday.  It was incredibly relaxing and surprisingly long.  My sisters woke my parents, brother, and I at a ridiculiously early time. Even earlier than I'll be waking up everyday on my mission.  Guys.  That's early.  Especially when some of us *cough* *cough* have little-kid-itis and can't go to sleep on Christmas Eve.  Hello 2.5 hours of sleep! Yessss.

For Christmas McCall, who happens to be the same age as my other sister (i'll explain later), got  a baby cakes maker for Christmas.  It's kinda like a grown-up Easy-Bake Oven... But it doesn't actually look like an oven.  Or use a light bulb to make your cakes.  I don't know how well a light bulb will cook anything. But.  She was using that today to make cake pops, and I convinced her to make donut batter so I could use our nifty donut pans. 

Yeah... Fail. 

Don't they look pretty?!  

Eh... Not really...

Don't they look delicious?!

Eh... if you like doughy donuts.  

Really though.  I liked you guys enough to take a bite out of the top donut for an astetically pleasing picture.  In all acutality I'd rather have eaten a meal worm. 

Tomorrow I'll fix these.  They will be delicious!  And the glaze... won't look like glitter.


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