Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oodles of Luck

Generally people in the world all have the same amount of luck, right?  You flip a coin 100  times you'll probably get like 52 heads and 48 tails.  Pretty close to 50-50.  You enter your name into a raffle with over 1,000 people and you have a one in a thousand chance of winning.  Well... Let's say you win.  Sweet awesome!  That iPod is really spiffy.  Then you enter something again.  Wooo!! Real tickets!  And again, Hunger Games special showing!  Again, Sugarland tickets!  That's when you start to think... why did I even enter that?? I loathe county music.

Then you start to think.  Maybe I'm an oddly unlucky person. 

So you push your luck and test it.  

I've entered 3 give away drawing in the past week.  

I've won two of them, and I'll find out about the third tomorrow. 

Give away A) was a 50 dollar gift card to Shabby Apple

Give away B)  was a snazzy personalized notebook that's super adorable

In the past week.

Cut off my foot and call me a rabbit why don't 'cha.  

Not really.  I like my feet.



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