Friday, December 28, 2012

May You Rest In Peace Avatar Zebra

Welcome to Friday nights!  Woo.  I settled down with my copies of the Ensign and the New Era, and a nice cup of dark chocolate peppermint hot chocolate; complete with mini marshmallows and whipped cream.  

After I read my magazines I wanted to watch a lovely movie called the Errand of Angels, it's about a sister missionary. I could not find it anywhere. ANYWHERE. To watch.  I found a site that let me watch the first 10 minutes.  Bad idea.  It was just getting good!  

It's mostly in German though... and I've taken German before... But subtitles would be appreciated. 

Then I decided to learn some more French.  I popped my MP3 disk and brainwashed myself for a good hour.  I'm totally going to sleep with it on, does the whole subconsious learning actually work?  Eh, it's worth a try. 

Then I walk upstairs
and found
my one and favorite brooch

I cried over my Avatar Zebra. 
The leg is broken, and the pin is snapped.

I love it. 

So naturally I went to find a replacement. 

There's plenty of gold zebra brooches, but none with the leg back quite like mine..... 

C'est la vie. 

So I spent an hours pay on buying my replacement Avatar Zebra. 

It's not as good as my estate sale steal. Close. But the legs aren't a lovely jumbled mess like my old one. I liked that about it. 

May my old one rest in peace, I just wish it wasn't resting in pieces on my dresser....


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