Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Livin' On The Beach

Hello week 4 in Tahiti. Wow. One month here.
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This is my, I'm a dork picture. 

This week has been awful. I'll be honest. It was so bad. I just sit here and laugh and laugh because it was so awful. 

Monday night I found out Soeur Li had to go on an intervention in another area of the island. FOR 3 NIGHTS. That means for 4 days I was going to be working with the ward missionary. Who doesn't like me. At all. It was a very rough three days.  The Tuesday was pretty good, just because we had lessons scheduled all the time, and I made her study on the beach instead of inside the house. Wednesday. Was just terrible. I have another lovely cough, a nice cough out your lung cough. Thank goodness for Delsym. Anyway, the lessons for the entire day, were all cancelled. That means porte a porte. Nope. She did not want to. What did we end up doing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I get frustrated when we do nothing. The next was wasn't great. The Friday, thankfully, Soeur Li came home to me. And I taught the trainining lesson in our Zone Conference. Yep. Me. In French. Boom. (Um, not saying it was good, by any means, Soeur Li had to translate my french, into better french, but hey! I tried. :) )  

On Saturday we had a nice 3 hour long training with President Sinjoux. It was very good. Until the last bit where he called on me to address all the bishops, counselors, and ward mission leaders. That was fun. (I'm being honest here, it was fun, the gift of tongues really set in then)  

Oh, did I mention, I did all of this, and made a wedding cake. We won't discuss that stupid cake, but it was the nice highlight of an extremely stressful week. 

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(This is Hina, and for each wedding she gives me a crown. She's a keeper,)

But, now, I can sit here and I just laugh. I think it's hilarious. The crazy situations I get thrown into, like the wedding cake, and playing the piano each week for another ward's sacrament meeting. Yep, the piano. Nope, I can't practice. Yes, it is very painful each Sunday. I officially apologize to the members of the Orofero Ward right now.  But it's fun. It's all a learning experience, and I am going to have fantastic stories to share. :) 

Story of the week: 
I taught a group of grown men how to build a fire. *sigh*. 
We were making breadfruit, yes mom, I ate breadfruit, no, it was not good. Why? Let me tell you.  So, it was a nice rainy day, we decided to eat the breadfruit avec some nonmembers. The men were teaching me how to make it. Basically start a fire and throw it in. Step one, start a fire. I was helping Soeur Li make the dessert, when I look over, 20 minutes after they were going to start the fire, to see Haifara pouring gasoline on the wood and throwing matches on it. *sigh*  I walked over, laughed, and walked away.  Then I decided I should help... Thank you Dad for making us start the fires at Glendale. I'm a pro.  After the breadfruit was cooked, i ate (I hit italics somehow and don't know how to fix it... sorry)  I ate the fruit. It tasted like gasoline. Not a fan. 

Here are the strange fruits of the week: 
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Pockeye.... I don't quite know how to spell that to be honest. It's the strangest thing I've ever eaten... It's delicious, but I'm not going to go hunt for it. 

For P-day today, we headed to the Grottos of Maraa. It is so beautiful there, ah. I was walking through thinking, hmmm it's just like the Jungle Cruises at Disneyland. Oh, that waterfall is cool, I wonder how they made that. Oh wait. This isn't Disneyland, that wasn't created with oodles and oodles of Disney magic. It's real. Mind. Blown. 
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Our investigators are doing good. :) We are working really hard to find new ones, all of our main investigators have baptismal dates, so we need new ones. We're working nice and hard. :) :)

Until next week!

Soeur Taylor

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