Monday, August 19, 2013

Once There Was a Snowman...oh wait. Not in Tahiti...

Ia Orana! C'est the premier semaine ou je parler toute le tempe en i te reo Tahiti. :) (Hello! This is the first week were I spoke all the time in Tahitian.) Every time we're in the house we speak Tahitian only. It's pretty nice.
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me, my trainer Sœur Li, and her trainer Sœur M. (I feel very tall here...)
This week was really really good. It was overall very strange. But alls well that ends well, right?
We had lessons with almost every investigator who has a baptism date, and they all went very well. Right now we're working on finding new people to teach, which has been the most fustrating part of the week.
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We ask the members to find people we can teach, to invite their friends to have a family home evening with us, just little things like that, but it's been difficult because everyone is scared. But we ask anyways. On Saturday we had a huge party for the anniversary for the primary, all the kids were invited, and a few brought nonmember friends. One of the little girls, Jenny, (we're friends. :) ) was talking to me and I asked her to invite a friend to come to Church with her. Me, thinking she'd forget or ask later, was completely shocked when she walked back over to me a half hour later. I was talking with her mom, and she says, mom, why didn't you invite the lady to come to Church with you you were talking to.  Hehe. And then she says, Sœur Taylor, I invited two friends to come tomorrow. One is Catholic and the other is Protestant. They said yes. Bah. So cool. :) I was pretty proud of her to say the least.
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The dock next to our house. That's Moorea in the background.
We fasted last Sunday to find new investigators, and each day this week we had nothing. I was getting a bit discouraged, Well. Yesterday we did porte a porte on the mountain with the ward missionaries. Yes. The mountain. Hello Jungles of Tahiti for me! We were talking with people and I'd share a message and then ask if they wanted to hear more this week, everyone said yes. We have 5 new investigators this week. I was pretty humbled. I definetly learned I just need to be patient and work and we will find the people we need. It was very cool.
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After the porte a porte we headed to a house so the missionaries could bless the kids going to school (today is their first day.). Well, when we got there 2 members of the family needed blessings. The mother twisted her knee and can't walk very well, and the baby was having some problems with his head. *pause story here*  In the MTC our instructors had said it's a good idea for the sister to have some oïl for the blessing of the sick, just incase someone needs a blessing and the priesthood holder doesn't have any. So, I went to the book store, bought some oïl, had it blessed, and threw it in my sack and forgot about it. *unpause here* We were sitting in their home and the missionaries say, we don't have any oïl. Bam. I remember I had some in my sack. I'm such a good boyscout. ;) I was pretty happy I was prepared.
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Tahiti is great. It still doesn't feel real. I don't know what I expected though. For me this isn't a tropical paradise. This is home. The ocean is normal. The trees are just trees. I don't think twice when I see the "tropical" things here. It's normal. I like it that way.
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Fruit of the week! These are star apples. They're pretty good. The color is a tad strange to me, it's not crisp like an apple. It's not in any way, shape or form like an apple. But it's good. :)
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I'm doing well. I love my companion! And i'm going to be training in October! If you know some good ol Americans in the MTC, one of them is going to be my new daughter. :) I'm pretty stoaked. That means I'll be staying in Maraa for another 3 months, but that's just perfect for me. I like it here.  The sketchy islands can be next.  I hope. I really really hope. I need more practice with my tahitian!
One more week down! They're going too quickly, enjoy everyday you can.
Sœur Taylor

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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